“And bring us not into temptation but rescue us from evil” (Luke 11:4; AMP)

Our prayer should be:

“Heavenly Father, We come before Your Throne of Mercy and Grace! We worship You, we bow at Your feet, Lord Jesus! We need You more than ever! We pray for wisdom! We pray for strength! We need a fresh impartation of Your Spirit!

Please do not allow us to choose the type of test we think we can withstand in life. Please do not let us be independent from Your leading. Please restrain and discipline us in preparation for the future and necessary temptations. You alone know our capacity to withstand different trials. You alone know our weaknesses and strengths. Our hearts are deceitful and we may overestimate our strengths and foolishly ignore our weaknesses. You alone chose our path in life. You alone chose our life partner! You alone chose who should be our children. Please shut any door that will bring failure during times of temptation. Please shut any door of pride and disgrace. May the door of faith be opened!

We desire to glorify Your name at all times, even during temptations, Trusting You to the end, we resist the devil; we reject his lies; we destroy his hold over our minds and emotions!  We trust in You, even today, even right now! There is nothing impossible for You to do! You know the end from the beginning! You never panic and Your never withdraw in crisis! Help us to be like Jesus!

Dear Heavenly Father, I desire to bring a smile on Your face…I desire that You boast of me, Your child!

In Jesus name I pray,



Prayer requests please… Tomorrow we have our annual Drama called The Nativity. Each year we mount a stage in the middle of the town and present the story of the Birth of Jesus, in open air, for all to come and see the glory of God! All the participants are members of our church. There is no ‘professional’ actor.

The girl who plays the leading role for the angels’ ballet just manifested signs of ‘chicken pox’. She is 12 years old. The 3 months old baby boy who ‘plays the role’ of baby Jesus just developed pneumonia (?) and the doctors said that he has to undergo a surgical procedure tomorrow (?). I do not practice medicine anymore so I cannot confirm or not these diagnosis. But both looked sick today at the final rehearsal. The parents had faith and came with them like this. We prayed for both of them for divine miraculous healing. We reject any false report. The devil is a liar and we chose to reject all his attacks of fear, discouragement, confusion and doubt. Jesus is Lord over these two children, over Father’s House Bible Church and over Warri, Nigeria! May heavens be opened tomorrow as we present the story of God’s love for sinners like me and you. We promise to give God all the glory for the healings, for the salvation of souls, for the joy in our hearts and for the mighty testimonies that will surely follow! In Jesus name, Amen!

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