“Jesus cured many who were sick with various diseases…” (Mk 1:34)

Exactly one year ago I stumbled and fell. I bruised my knees and lower legs. It took quite a while for the dark patches to disappear. What was left on both of my legs was something reddish like a rash that refused to go away. I have been using long skirts since then. I asked God for wisdom and I prayed for healing. My husband prayed too. Then we waited…

I am a medical doctor by profession but since March 2000 in full time ministry. I do not prescribe medications anymore, including to myself. I do not forbid medicines but prayer is my first choice always.

Back to my rashes … I had no idea what to call them. In hot water they got brighter. They did not spread. I was not lead to go and see any Doctor here or abroad. I tried some creams and powders, but nothing worked. The rashes were painless and did not itch. Just there, on both my legs, where they do not belong… ugly and stubborn, mocking my faith…


One night, two weeks ago, I could not sleep. I went to the internet and saw some rashes similar to mine. They said it is lack of Vitamin C. I was not convinced that is my problem. I like oranges and fresh fruits. But then I made up my mind to give it a try. I took two tablets of Vitamin C daily. In less than a week, the rashes have completely disappeared. I look now at my legs…not even a shadow of what has been there for more than a year.  Glory to God!

This testimony of healing may be a joke to my former colleagues (I used to laugh at ‘testimonies’ too). But it is the truth. I was sick and now I am healed!  This testimony is given to remind the believers of the power of God to heal. It is also a reminder of the privilege of prayer and of God’s care for you. Jehovah Rapha is the same forever: God our Healer. God never changes! God hears prayers done in the name of His Son! Pray and trust God! Do not be impatient. As in my case, the cure may come late…But do not lose faith in God! He hears every whisper from His children! This was my wish: I did not want an ‘ordinary’ treatment or money spent in hospitals. I wanted the healing, but more so, I wanted a testimony attached to it. For a medical doctor like me, this journey of faith is very exciting…


Please remember…No sickness is too difficult for God to heal!

You do not need money…just FAITH IN GOD!

Now place your hand where you are sick and pray! Fear and doubt, go away! Be healed! Receive your testimony of healing! In Jesus name, Amen!

Lastly, be sure to give all the glory to God!


In Christ I declare:

Jehovah Rapha is my God!

Jesus Christ is my Lord!

I believe in miracles!

I am healed!

All glory to God!

In Jesus name



  1. Isioma says:

    Dear Malia,
    I rejoice with you over the miraculous healing God did. It’s beautiful to see that our God is concerned about us and the seemingly little things that concerns us. May we always remember to count our blessings in pure thanksgiving to God. To Him alone be all the glory… In Jesus name. Amen

  2. Ljbendele says:

    So very timely! Needed so much! Thanking God for you! Have become aware, as I’m sure you are aware, that when praying for someone, it’s vital to also ask for God’s forgiveness for them. As you know, I also live in place of lots of witchcraft. I have been praying for repentance and for a true turning to God. Recently, I have realized my niece and the mother of my grandchild is involved in witchcraft, Wicca. In praying for them, I began to ask for forgiveness for them. Thanking God, that in this…He used this evil to enrich my prayers for this area.  He does not create evil for us, but when in the midst of this, asking Him what to pray for them, He has shown me how to pray for others. + forgiveness   + declare void all spells, incantations, and prayers not inspired by Holy Spirit + that in the failure of their witchcraft, they realize that God is mightier than anything else  + protection for anyone they may be targeting. I know you have dealt with this issue, is there something else I’m missing?  I so value your council and wisdom that God has given you, Lia. You truly are a light, shining in the from Texas.linda

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    • Silvia Leigh says:

      The secret of all true holy success is to do all things only from an overflow of the Holy Spirit in you. Like in business, do not spend your capital; invest only from your profit!!! The truth is that ‘the flesh profits nothing’ (Jn 6:63). There is a danger of becoming distracted and discouraged in ministry. That comes from an infatuation with success coming from ‘zeal without knowledge which is not good’ (PV 19:2) The danger is not always from being too slow, but even from praying too much, too long, for too many things at once, from becoming emotionally attached to your cases, drawn to people you see as victims or from not being properly covered spiritually.
      As a medical doctor (I was thought) I could not do surgery on my child. I also have to asses each patient and if the case is too difficult for me, or I do not have the proper equipment, I have to humble myself and refer him to another colleague.
      Witches and trained by the powers of darkness to be very skillful in deception, seduction and other evils.They are the champions in ‘the booth camp’ of the devil. They are punished by him when they fail and rewarded by him when they succeed. Never do warfare out of ‘holy fun’! Be sure that the reason why you enter the field of spiritual warfare is right.
      As for me, the only reason I do ministry is for the love of Him who died to save my soul! The only reason I I know is to give glory to God and to increase His wonderful kingdom. I love Jesus Christ! I am dead to any other voice, spirit, method, strategy, ‘gospel’ or success. I follow the Lamb wherever he goes! I sit at His feet and only move when He sends me! Then I quickly return to the same spot of rest and peace! By the power of His Spirit working thru me the souls get saved and free. Praise the Lord! This is my ministry. I personally desire no gain in all this. I only rejoice when my Commander is honored and worshiped. He alone is my Gain!. .

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