“You shall receive power when the Holy Ghost shall come upon you. And you shall be My witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and unto the ends of the earth” (Ac 1:8)

Just before going back to heaven, this is what the resurrected Christ said to His disciples (I paraphrase):

“You need My Power to be My Witnesses! You need My power to testify to men about Me! Without the power of the Holy Ghost, no man will believe that you are My servants! Desire and pray for that power to come to you! Do not go and do ministry without it! I want you to have My power!”

You need the Holy Spirit’s power to be a witness for Jesus; to give a true testimony about His grace in your life. The word ‘witness’ here is the same with the one translated ‘testimony’ (in Greek ‘marturia’).It means a firsthand confirmation of a fact, made under oath (in a court). You have to testify to what you have seen with your own eyes. No other story or ‘second hand’ testimony is accepted in the court of God.

The word ‘power’ in Greek is ‘dunamis’ from where the word dynamite comes from. This same word really means ‘miracles’. It is the supernatural, violent ability of the Spirit of God to destroy all hindrances in its path. It makes a way for the overflow of grace, the river of blessings at flood tide and the manifestation of eternal life.


To give a testimony is to witness of Jesus; to what He has done in your life and not in another. You need to be born again and Spirit filled to be able to give a true testimony. You need the power of the Holy Ghost! Any ‘testimony’ given in flesh, by a religious unbeliever is not acceptable to God for it does not give glory to Jesus! It should be rejected by the listeners!

One of the functions of the Holy Spirit is power to do ministry, to witness to the Lord Jesus Christ. You can be a Christian, born again child of God and still lack this ‘dunamis’ power. You have to desire it with all your heart. As a ‘baby’ Christian, you may not be aware of its importance. You may try to serve God in your own personal strength. But ‘flesh profits nothing’ – says the Lord. You will become tired, discouraged, distracted and afraid if you try to do ministry in the flesh. You will talk and talk and there shall be no genuine fruit to prove your calling. It is one of the most frustrating things in life to work for God in the flesh. God will not allow true success to come and encourage you. This is because God wants you to desire Him even as ‘Partner’ in ministry. God is jealous and He wants all the glory to be given to Him; not to you or to your ministry.


I know that these are painful words to read. But this is a good pain. It is the pain of the truth that sets free…

I pray that your pain will lead you to the Cross, to see Christ once more. May the frustration of a barren life and of a fruitless ministry drive you to Jesus! May you tarry in His presence… ask and you shall receive the power of the Holy Ghost! Your life, your marriage, your family, your job, your ministry, your words, your songs…nothing will be the same again. You shall speak few words and your listeners shall be saved and transformed. You shall sing a little chorus and all will be slain in the Spirit! You shall work a little and make great impact.

May you be willing to give God ‘the good’ in your hand for ‘the best’ in His pierced hand!

Be filled with the Holy Spirit!


In Christ I declare:

The Holy Ghost is upon me!

The power of the Holy Ghost is in me!

I am witness that Jesus is Lord!

In Jesus name


One comment on “TESTIMONY POWER

  1. Ljbendele says:

    Thank you for your reply on Facebook to my cry for insight on praying for those involved in witchcraft. I do believe God has placed me in this area for this ministry. I will save your reply and pray for the Holy Spirit to speak to my heart about any of the areas you mentioned as possible obstacles. I think God uses the situations of our lives when we turn those things to Him, for a greater compassion and depth. My friend going through a divorce had great compassion when she prayed for the marriage of others. This has been a very private ministry. There are only three people I  have prayed with on this issue and rarely. They all have felt targeted by family members who are involved in occult.  I’m wondering about what you mentioned about lack of spiritual covering. I’ve never talked to Pastor about this ministry, perhaps I should. Praying for discernment.  I always caution people to not discuss any kind of warfare without first praying for protection and covering and do not wish to expose anyone to further attention by forces of darkness. I have been led to this for too many years, to think of it as “fun”, it is a Holy responsibility to stand in the gap for those whom God has given me to pray for. You have given me much to think and pray about. I am trying to not feel judged as I know you spoke in honesty and truth. I value that. Please do not post this on Facebook as both those individuals are on Facebook too. Thanks, Linda

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