Then the Lord said to Moses, “Behold, I will rain bread from heaven for you….”

“At evening you shall know that the Lord has brought you out of the land of Egypt. And in the morning you shall see the glory of the Lord…” (Ex 16:4-7)


For more than four hundred years the children of God lived in Egypt; first as free men, then later as slaves. They groaned under the oppression of their Egyptian masters. Then God sends Moses to confront Pharaoh. Thru great acts of judgments upon the Egyptian gods Jehovah proves that He is the only Living God. Lastly, God commands that each family should kill a blameless lamb and smear their doors with its blood. That act of faith shall be their salvation. Any house without the blood shall be thrown into mourning. The first born of each family shall die that night. In the morning the door of freedom was open. The Book of Exodus tells the story…

A wise man said once: ‘It took only a day for God to bring out His children from Egypt. But it took God forty years to bring Egypt out of them’.  Why was it so hard for the people of God to move on? Why is it so hard for us to trust God for the breakthrough? To change in the image of God’s Son? These are questions we must meditate upon…


In the desert God provided a special food called ‘Manna’. The meaning of the word is a question? “What is this?” The answer is still a mystery. This is what we know about manna: it was God’s idea and provision for His children’s food. But God’s people never really liked it. They continued to grumble against it. It was called ‘the food of angels’. It was a wonderful food found on the tables of heaven. It appeared each morning with the dew. It was like white flakes on the ground. They could grind it, make flour and bake bread with it. It tasted like wavers with honey. It had nutritional and medicinal value. They eat it for forty years and none got sick. Can you imagine such a food?

Manna looked the same but its taste changed during the day. In the morning, after eating it, they saw the glory of God. Worship was dished out for breakfast. In the evening, at dinner time, they experienced the joy of deliverance. It is implied that at noon, they had the feeling of being attacked and persecuted. So they had to learn to trust God and pray. God intervened and gave them freedom. So at dinner they rejoiced in God’s mighty escape. This spiritual ‘drama’ was played daily for forty years. That was God’s menu: Worship- Prayer- Deliverance! This was to increase their faith in God. All this was to be found thru consuming the daily manna, the Word of God.


Jesus is the Word of God. Even today the believers still grumble when they read God’s Word. The Cross is still too bitter, the worship is still unappetizing, the prayer is still tasteless and deliverance is still too hard to chew…But for them who have trained themselves to live by the Word of God and prayer, their spiritual senses have been developed and their appreciation for the Lord grows daily. This is the truth: It takes a long time to come to the place of truly loving and longing for the Word of God. The grace is there, supplied daily. The rain of bread still comes from heaven to water the dry hearts. But you have to wake up in the morning, bend your back and gather it. That is the hard part. But as you open your heart to receive the Word of God, slowly, but surely, the taste of Egyptian leeks shall fade away, the memory of demonic cucumbers shall go… and your tongue touches a new sweetness, the honey of heaven for the bees on earth…and you shall sing new song….


Finally, the angels in heaven and I invite you to God’s table in the wilderness. Whatever it costs you, pay the price and come. I assure you: you shall be healed, delivered and satisfied! If not, send me your receipt! I shall pay your bill!


In Christ I declare:

I worship, pray and study the Word of God daily!

I am healed, delivered and satisfied with God’s Word!

Jesus Christ is enough for me!

In Jesus name


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