“The priest shall burn all this on the altar as a food offering pleasing to the Lord. All the fat belongs to the Lord” (Lev 3:16; GNB)


In the Old Testament, men were commanded to come and offer animal sacrifices on the altar at the Temple in Jerusalem. God insisted that the Fat and the Blood belong to Him alone. The animal’s fat was to be burned completely for Him. The blood was to be drained and sprinkled on the altar. Men could eat the flesh but not the fat of the animal.

The fat is a symbol. It stands for the best man has to offer, the greatest sacrifice given to God. Your best is not for you, but for God. You give God your best! God is worthy of your best! It also means that the second best you can keep for yourself. It means that in this life you can never be totally happy. It also means that God has accepted your sacrifice; that God knows your name; that He has opened a bank account for you.  From now on, everything you offer to God shall be deposited in your heavenly account, where thieves cannot steal and recession is paralyzed.

The word ‘anointing’ in Hebrew is similar with the words oil or fat. Your anointing should be used for ministry. Your best revelations should be used to feed the Lord’s flock.  At the end of the day, from what is left, you can use it to pray for your needs and for your family.

Your best may not be much…your best may be little, especially when compared with others… but if in your heart you know that this is your best, then give it all to God! Do not keep it for yourself, lest you grieve the Holy Spirit.

Are you striving with God about your best plans and dreams? You can never win this battle, for the best is God’s!

This is the Word of God! I cannot argue with it! I simply believe and obey! So I have peace!


In Christ I declare:

My best efforts and dreams, my successes and crowns, I give them all to You Lord Jesus!

I settle for my second best!

I am satisfied with what is left!

I will never be bitter for giving my best to You!

May God’s perfect will be done in my life!

In Jesus name


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