“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith…”

“Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses” (1Pet 5:8, 9; PV 27:6)

We are warned to be alert spiritually. We are to be care-free from anxiety but not care- less, lazy or forgetful spiritually! The devil is your enemy! Never forget that! You can never settle with the devil! An enemy is one who opposes your progress in life, who actively seeks to injure, overthrow, confuse or kill you.

The devil is like a hungry lion. The ‘fragrance of Christ’ in the mature believers excites him like mad and increases his appetite. He aim is ‘to devour’ the victim. The word means to swallow alive. If you are careless spiritually, the devil is able to attack and in one second you shall be ‘gone’ from the face of the earth. ‘Watch and pray’ –commands our Lord! Your very life depends on your diligent prayer!


One of the most common strategies of the devil is confusion of mind. Under his evil attack you may not be able to differentiate between a friend and an enemy. A true friend may wound you with ‘harsh’ words, give you pain with ‘tough love’. His purpose is to wake you up to the reality of danger. That is a blessing! But an enemy comes with sweet poetic romantic words of flattery. His show of love is excessive, intoxicating your emotions with a magical luxury and an abundance of gifts. This is the prologue of the sad story of Samson and Delilah, a dangerous snare, a burden of false love, oppression too much to bear. The ‘multiplied kisses’ of the enemy are a poison designed to deceive the victim into becoming a foolish loser at last.


The devil has different strategies when attacking the young believers and the mature spiritual man. The lion in the wild can teach us some lessons.

Do you know how a lion kills his victim? If it is a small animal, the lion jumps and kills it instantly with his heavy paw. But if the animal is big, he changes his strategy. The lion attacks and jumps to the face of the animal. With his big open mouth he closes the nose and the mouth of the victim so that he suffocates. Unable to breathe, the animal falls down. Then the lion bites its neck and kills it. The scientists call this method to kill ‘the kiss of death’. This is a great lesson from nature. The devil attacks the mature believer by trying to quench the Holy Spirit in him. He will not be able to breathe spiritually, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to pray, to sing or to shout the name of Jesus. This attack is described as a feeling of drowning, oppression or a sudden heavy load of anxiety pouncing on you. Resist and reject the devil- lion! Do not be intimidated by his roar!  Fight for your soul! Fight for your testimony! Fight for your health! The greater Lion of Judah, the Lion of Praise is by your side!


Even so, come Lord Jesus!


In Christ I declare:

I resist the devil, he shall flee from me!

I hate all lies, flattery and the deception of the devil!

I stand firm in the faith!

I reject all fears and occult intimidation!

I am free! I am healed! I am delivered!

I am grateful for my faithful wounding friends who saved my life!

My mouth is open to shout the name of Jesus and to give Him praise forever!

In Jesus name


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