“If my heart has been enticed by a woman,

Or if I have lurked at my neighbor’s door,

Then let my wife grind for another,

And let others bow down over her.

For that would be wickedness;

Yes, it would be iniquity deserving of judgment” (Job 31:9-11)


Lust is the door for worse sins to enter. Lust is the door to ‘marriage fire’, bringing in troubles leading to divorce! Lust is ‘contagious’; its pollution spreads and multiplies!

The punishment of the adulterer is manifold. It affects his health, his marriage, his ministry and his finances. The demon of lust is like venereal   disease. It starts little but it is deadly. Outside the power found in Christ alone, it is incurable. No man addicted to lust can ever be healthy or normal. His mind and his body burns like ‘fire’. He is restless, lonely and tormented. He has no peace and no joy.


The wife of an adulterer suffers too. She will be ‘forced to join’ the husband, share in his sin and become an adulteress herself. She is in danger to be ‘raped’ by seducing spirits. Other men shall ‘bow down to her’. In other words, she will attract evil men who desire to have sex with her, if she likes it or not.  In Hebrew it means to bend the knee, to prostrate, to subdue, to cast down or to become depressed. This is even a known medical fact. The victims of betrayal, of adultery in particular, struggle with extreme feelings of rejection, inferiority complex, confusion, fear and chronic depression.


The only hope for the wife is found in Christ alone. She has to protect herself from this ‘second hand backlash’ of evil spirits coming thru the husband. She needs to be truly born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. She needs to study the Word of God and pray. She has to be a warrior and an intercessor. In this way, she will not be deceived. She will understand the spiritual background of the tragedy in her home. By the power of the Holy Spirit, she will be able to trust God for the complete deliverance of her husband. She will refuse to share in his sins but still remain faithful to him. She will learn to submit to her husband, not foolishly or cowardly, but only ‘as unto the Lord’ (Eph 5:22). This is a great spiritual achievement for a godly wife! I am a pastor to women and I see this struggle in their lives. Once her obedience to God’s Word is ‘complete’, God intervenes and punishes all disobedience in the erring husband (2Cor 10:6). Jesus has the power to bring all things under His sovereign control. The victory flag shall be raised on that marriage and the home declared fit for the holy habitation of the Prince of Peace.


Yes, the battle is fierce but there is hope for the battered, hopeless, lonely rejected victim of adultery! Reject worldly proud counsel! Divorce should not be the only ‘automatic’ option. God is the creator of the universe. In Christ, the power of creativity is limitless. God can still use that wounded heart and broken marriage! Bring the pieces to Him. His is the Potter and we are the clay. God can make a way where there seems to be no way! Let your trust be in Him alone! He will not allow you to suffer indefinite shame! I know, for I have tasted from His overflowing wine of mercy and grace. I know, for I have wept with those who weep and rejoiced with them who rejoice!

For nothing is impossible with God!


In Christ I declare:

My body soul and spirit belong to God!

My marriage, my children belong to God!

I am holy for God is holy!

I refuse to share in the sins of another!

I am an intercessor to my husband!

I have a living hope!

My heart is free from sin!

To the glory of God!

In Jesus name


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