“See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many” (Heb 12:15)

Thank God, this evening, during the prayer meeting, the battle was easier. The unity of the Spirit was quickly established. The praise was real! The anointing to pray was there. Everybody was hungry for a fresh Word from God. The sound of victory was heard over us. Faith was high! Hope was real! Joy was strong! The enemy ran away; he knows when failure is his portion! Then we preached the Word of God: The stronghold of Bitterness! The light of God shone in the darkness of ignorance and doubt. Many came to the altar and got delivered tonight. All glory to God! We shall never be the same!

This is the definition of bitterness:
* A taste that is sharp, stinging, harsh, painful and unpleasant.
* Something difficult to accept, admit, or bear (ex. the bitter truth)
* Exhibiting strong hatred (bitter foes)
* Severe disappointment (ex. cried bitter tears)
*Resentment; persisted grudges because of a real or imaginary offence
*Cynicism: fault finding; suspicious on all human beings that they are all evil

*Unhappy, depressed
*Jealous on others
*Always grumbling (restless heart)
*Mood swings; emotionally unstable (because they try to suppress their feelings)
*Selfish: not loving others (not patient, not kind, rude, remember wrongs…)
*Angry; over- sensitive; suspicious (easily upset by small incidents such as whispering or laughing)
*Sexual sins
*Rebellion, pride
*Not able to form quality relationships or good marriages (The wall of bitterness is the main hindrance against anything fresh, a new beginning, of finding true love)

Spiritually speaking, bitterness is the result of painful injury in the past that has not been healed. It comes as a result of broken promises, lost dreams, proud and unrealistic expectations, childhood neglect or sexual abuse. The root of bitterness comes from blaming God for the failure. It also comes from rejecting Christ crucified, the only healer and mediator between God and man. Bitterness is a visible proof of unbelief. A bitter man has no peace with God. With time, bitterness becomes a shield, a barrier against more possible pain. The Cross of Christ is the only place of healing. Therefore, all unbelievers live in bondage to the demon of bitterness.

These are some examples of bitter people: Esau, Balaam, Naomi, Absalom, Ahithophel, Ahab and Jezebel, Simon the sorcerer and the religious leaders in Israel.
Bitterness is a deadly contagious spiritual disease. It is very difficult to counsel such people. Naturally compassionate people are attracted by the bitter men. The spirit of religion may convince believers to take the challenge to pray, counsel or deliver bitter people. It is especially tempting to the naturally optimistic people, the ‘cheerleaders’ type of Christians, ever hopeful but also foolish. The danger is in ignoring the spiritual side of the problem. These are ‘highly sophisticated’ demons. Do not be over confident! Humble yourself! Help giving in flesh is useless and even dangerous! Bitter men are too dangerous for immature Christians to do deliverance! Selah!
Pray and ask God for confirmation! These cases need experienced Holy Ghost ‘surgeons’!

In Christ I declare:
I reject every root of bitterness!
I come to the Cross if Christ!
I drink from the sweet wine of His Grace!
I am free!
In Jesus name

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