“This is what the Lord says! I remember how eager you were to please Me as a young bride long ago, how you loved Me and followed Me even through the barren deserts…” (Jer 2:2, TLB)

God never forgets your holy beginning… He always remembers your first ‘I love You, Lord…’ The echo of your first worship song will always ring in His ears… Your first, timid steps of faith towards Him are recorded and kept on display on His wall of grace… Your simple beautiful wedding gown gently placed on your shoulders long ago… your dreams and your passion for Him at the very beginning… your very first crown and your genuine surprise when you received it… your ring of eternal pledge… your trembling voice saying ‘I do’ witnessed by the stars and angels alike… all these are pictures in His album…

God boasts about your love for Him… heaven has heard your story many times…one day, going up there, you shall be very surprised to see how many know your name and your testimony…for you dear Child of God, heaven will not be a strange place, like an cold airport where they look for fake visas and contraband stuff in your suitcase…not at all…heaven will be your promised marital home, your peaceful rest and your reward of love… your Bridegroom has gone ahead to prepare such a wonderful place for you…one day, in the future, He will come back again to take you there…This is His holy Pledge!

Meditate daily on the love of God! Think about His love for you! Never be tired of His romance! See it displayed on the Cross of Calvary! Do not allow the cares of this world hide His lovely face! Jesus Christ is your eternal Bridegroom! Stay virgin for Him alone! Love not any other created thing! Be holy as He is holy! Does not your spirit rejoice hearing such a word? Is your liver not smiling inside your belly? His death can never be in vain…Remember the beginning, long before God blessed you with ‘stuff’, long before the desert changed into a garden… remember the time you desired nothing more than just a smile, a touch from God, a fresh word from His lips or even a glimpse of His glory… all the blessings and gifts surrounding you, your wife, husband or children, even grandchildren, your houses and cars, your good health, your decrees and your promotions of life, let all these bow at the feet of Him who is the Owner and the Giver of them all.

Do not betray such a love…do not even think of betraying such a passion…God loves you more than you can ever know…He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to live and die for you, that you may be able to be a royal bride and the eternal joy of your Creator. When trials and temptations come ugly against you, please remember that the glory ahead cannot compare with the sufferings of the present…Let the hope of glory wash your soul today!
Be faithful to the end! Keep your gown spotless! Take care of your crown! For all must be complete and perfect to the glory of God!
May your pure love for the only Savior be re-kindled in your soul today!
May the passion for true holy spiritual and intimate worship be revived today!
‘Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever’ (Heb 13:8)

In Christ I declare:
Above all things, I love You Lord Jesus, my Savior and my Lord!
I shall wait for You, spotless and holy!
In Jesus name

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