“Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away” (SS 8:7)

This is a beautiful testimony of the power of eternal redemption found in Christ alone. It is also a beautiful love story between a man and woman, both true believers in Christ. Soon, we shall celebrate their wedding in our church. As a pastor and a mother in Christ I am very happy. I know both of them for more than seven years. We all love a beautiful romantic love story. Let me share with you a little from their testimony of grace…


Sister L started attending our church about seven years ago. Before then, she was the unofficial ‘second wife’ to a ‘rich man’. They were never married properly. She was in that oppressive relationship for more than five years. She had two children for that man. One died but her daughter survived. When she came to our church she was a broken woman with no dreams left, except to take care of her child. She is from a poor home. She is a dress maker. She came to my office and she told me her story… She was afraid to trust anybody…. But there was also good news… She has just given her life to Christ and decided to serve God in our church.

I told her that God loves her and from now on she will never be the same again. I also counseled her to separate from the father of her daughter. He was a married man with children and he will never marry her. She told me that she will not be able to pay rent with the money she makes from her work. Then I told her to go back to stay with her old parents. She agreed. The father of her daughter became violent and tried to take the girl from her. He told her that if she does not give him his daughter, he will not contribute any money for her welfare. In Nigeria it is very hard to ‘force’ a man to do what is right. It was not an easy battle. She prayed and prayed. She attended all the services in the church. She became baptized with the Holy Spirit. Every week I will see her coming to clean the sanctuary. She will pray in tongues for hours. She had t=no other hope than God. I saw her getting stronger and finally the war was over. The man abandoned them and stopped stalking them. She started living with her parents, sewing to pay for the food and the daughter’s school fees. She became a very good worker. Soon, she joined the ushers’ ministry. Also, she is one of the volunteer workers who designed and sewed the costumes for our yearly drama “The Nativity”. This is how her life went on for about five years…


Early last year, I called her to my office and asked her for her plans of marriage. She is now in her mid-thirties. She is a very beautiful woman, tall and slim, looking much younger than her age. Her daughter looks more like her sister. Both of them are very well behaved, humble, hardworking and faithful. Since she came to our church I have never heard from anybody that she behaved improperly towards any brother.

She told me that she does not have any plans to marry. That she does not think any brother will be interested to marry a woman like her. That she has dedicated her life to serve God and to be the best mother she can be. She told me that in her family they gave her ‘a title’ which translated from the urrhobo language it means ‘Second-hand-woman-with-child-who-will-never-marry-again’. I immediately rebuked her for accepting such ‘a title’, even if jokingly. With the authority I had as her pastor I destroyed the power and the effect such an occult declaration had upon her spirit. She said ‘Amen!’ I then told her to go home and think about God’s love and His plan for her to get married. I told her that if she believes my words, then she should go and buy her wedding shoes and bring them to me. I will keep them as a point of contact for her wedding day. We then prayed and the Holy Spirit fell on her. She was filled with joy. I have never seen her so happy! Two weeks later, she came, shaking with happiness. In her hands, there was a plastic bag with a pair of fancy high healed silver shoes. I knew that these shoes were much more expensive than what she can afford. She told me that God provided the money miraculously and that now she believes that she will be a bride. She told me that God gave her the design of her wedding dress and she will sew it herself.  She gave me the shoes on the 17th of February 2013. Nobody in her family knew about the shoes or her faith in marriage. She decided to keep it a secret. In a family of unbelievers, that was wisdom indeed.

Exactly one year later, on the 17th of February 2014, to her greatest surprise, a wonderful brother in Christ here in the church, proposed to her. Brother G is a fellow usher. He loves God, loves L and her daughter. He too has a great testimony… but that will be in another letter…


For now, just let’s give thanks to God who heals broken hearts, who plants seeds of life instead of evil, dreams instead of wounds and provides joy beyond words. May other single sisters, use this testimony as a point of contact! May God grant you true love, on this earth and even everlasting! For God is willing and able to do it, even much more than you can ask or imagine! Praise the God of sister L! Praise His Holy Name!


In Christ I declare:

Brother G and Sister L shall be happily married with children!

In Jesus name


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