“Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth: for Thy love is better than wine” (SS 1:2)

God the Son is the most romantic person in the whole universe. Can you imagine that some people, even among the believers, think that Jesus is a boring, hard master? The devil has deceived so many, especially about the character of God. From the time of Adam and Eve, satan has tried to convince men that he is the one who loves and cares, he knows what love is, he is the one who really understand us. This is the terrible power of sin…

When God molded Adam from the earth, He kissed him to live. We are created and live by the power of His breath and by passion of the Father’s kiss. Can you believe this? Are you afraid of too much passion? Are you afraid to get drunk with His wine? God’s first command is to love Him with all our heart and all our strength! Can a kiss be missing from all our heart? Can wine become water in all our strength? To the pure all things are pure, but to them who are corrupt, nothing is pure…Are you proud of your doubts?

The tragedy is that most people do not want to know the truth; so few believers are willing to pay the price for spiritual maturity. I look around and I see so many ‘baby Christians’. They like to come to a church where there is a little preaching combined with a lot of music and excitement. Much effort is spent in creating ‘the right atmosphere’ or ‘the right sound’; but at the end of the service the hearts of men remain unchanged. It is in fact a double tragedy because the people do not even know that they are unchanged, at least not for a long time. The emotions are swelled with the personal charisma of the preacher or the voice of the singers. People cry and ‘worship’ and all along they are ignorant that they do not touch the heart of the Father. I see that the hem of Jesus is too clean…Why so few come and touch it with needy sickly trembling dusty fingers longing for a drop of life…

In Hebrew, the name Solomon is translated ‘peace’. It is one of God’s very powerful names. It reveals the best God has for His children. It means to be perfect, wealthy, healthy, friendly, safe, happy and whole. But this is another wonderful revelation: the word for his bride, the Shulammite, comes from exactly the same root. Think of it…One is a rich and great king. The other is just a village girl whom he loves. The gap made by the world has been closed by the love that never fails. The Cross has made them one! Bride and bridegroom become one in Christ! May you long for the kiss of God, for the wine of His lips…I pray…

In Christ I declare:
Jesus has just kissed my heart!
I am drunk with the Holy Spirit!
I love God!
In Jesus name

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