‘Love is patient’ (1 Cor 13:4)

This trip is wonderful. My dear husband surprised me today. After 40 years of happy fruitful marriage, he bought me a diamond engagement ring. The truth is that when we got married we were both students and could not afford one. He promised me that one day, ‘when we have money’ he will buy one. After so many years, I forgot about it. We have gone in and out many gold shops and we never discussed that matter again.
That is why I was so surprised today…we went on this street, an ordinary street, and we entered this shop of ‘gold and diamonds’. He then said I should chose an engagement ring. I was surprised and a little embarrassed for I was not sure if he is joking or not. But he was serious…I prayed a quick prayer that the Holy Spirit should guide me…I did not know what is the latest fashion in engagement rings…then I saw this one, simple and perfect to my eyes, the ring was smiling, that is how I saw it…and I said: ‘This one I like…’ In less than 5 minutes it was mine, together with a certificate of value and the rest…My heart felt young…the promise given 40 years ago was fulfilled faster than I thought…the waiting was long but the manifestation was quick.
Right now, on my 60 years old wrinkled finger, shine the diamonds…today I laughed like Sarah of old…share in my happiness, please…

I encourage you to be patient to the end…There is a day and an hour when the promises of youth become real…be patient…the end of the matter is better than the beginning…trust me, I know…

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