“When they had all had enough to eat, He (Jesus) said to His disciples: Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted. So they gathered them and filled twelve baskets…” (Jn 6:12, 13)


During this trip we eat more than the usual amount of food. We may have an excuse for it was a Holiday. In the cruise ship there is buffet 24 hours. Much food is wasted and given to the fishes in the sea. The sea gulls follow the ship too for crumbs of food.


Jesus fed thousands with only few loaves of bread and fish. He told the people to sit down and eat. Then the crowds left. Why did Jesus told the disciples that the bread left on the grass should be gathered and kept? A simple answer is that Jesus does not want us to be wasteful in general and with our food in particular. This is the command of the Provider…Even if it was a miracle, we shall give an account of what was used and also of what was not used for the needs of that day.

God’s blessings and gifts are much more abundant and greater than our needs. For example, you are sick with malaria. You pray for healing and then the fever goes away. With that healing, other blessings follow: financial, spiritual, more peace, more joy…At last, you feel so good, so grateful, but often you don’t know what to do with the extra grace. Do not be passive in the mist of that overflow! Worship the Generous Loving Extravagant Provider God! Jesus says to be careful to acknowledge the work of Jehovah Jireh…to thank Him for the generous supply that came right in time, as an answer to prayer for your limited need…the supply is given according to God’s riches of His glorious grace in Christ Jesus….you are to preserve the extra blessings for a later need….You need to be prudent with the grace of God! You shall give an account for the way you invested it!

Have you thought of that?


Many squander and abandon the gifts supplied by God for past needs… Later, they pray for a miracle but there is no answer from God for the overflow is still in their savings account. Past blessings are to be used for later needs!!!

From the overflow of so many lessons from my past I had to use and re-use the same Word of God, again and again, not one letter was wasted. The Syrian woman was ready to die for crumbs of mercy, for her daughter’s healing…these are broken pieces of bread, crumbs of life… the dogs play with them under the table of carelessness….this is waste and laziness and sin, to leave food on your plate and grace unused stagnant in your spirit…


“Dear Father God, forgive me for wasting much grace in the past. Please help me to gather the extra blessings I may not need today, for future needs I know nothing about, so that I should never be anxious for tomorrow, knowing that You are more than enough for me, in all situations of life, present and the future. Help me to see how great You are! Help me to be a good steward of your gifts, grace and blessings given for past needs. Help me to be wise and to re-invest them in future challenges…In Jesus name, Amen”


The journey continues…






























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