“Whoever listens to Me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm” (PV 1:33)


Do you want to be delivered from all fears? It is possible, you know…

I do not have to fight my enemies. I do not have to be worried about the plans of the wicked. My duty as a child of God is to ‘listen’ to my Father. The word means to hear intelligently, to understand what the Bible is saying with the clear intent to obey its commands. My attitude is that of a student and a son (daughter). I want to please my Father in heaven. I want to know God better. It gives me pleasure to read and meditate upon the commands of God, so that I can obey them. I want to be known as an obedient teachable child. I want to be known as a wise child who builds his life on the Rock. I want to be known as a student of the Bible. I want to see how my life will change as I obey God’s Word. This is my ambition in life.


This is God’s promise:

If I really obey God’s Word (not just pretend to do it) then I shall be free from all fears! My obedience to the Bible will destroy the fear of trouble, harm, evil, witchcraft, kidnapping and untimely death. I do not need a personal prophet, mobile police, a medical doctor, a banker, a lawyer or a politician to feel safe in this world. All I need is God, faith in Him and obedience to His Word. The older I get, the more I love obeying God. I now experience a higher level of peace, joy and rest in my soul, like never before. I still remember the past with its crazy fears and many insecurities, questions without answers…what do people say…what if the laugh at me…what if a witch places a spell on me and I get sick… what if I get poor and end up on the streets…what…what?

But now is different. I do not have to pretend for the real peace has come.


My advice to you is this: go back to the Bible like you have never read it before. Do not read the Bible casually. Do not read it to impress your spouse. Read it for yourself; slowly and with faith. Imagine that your Father in heaven speaks to you thru its pages. It is a letter of love. Any time the Holy Spirit brings to your attention the need to obey, pray for strength and just do it. Do not delay obedience! It does not matter the price. The reward is by far greater than the sacrifice. Then you enter the exclusive club of them that believe! You shall be bold like a lion, confident and sure of your identity! You shall know the security of the believer and the glorious eternal future in Christ. That is your inheritance! This is God’s promise to His obedient Children and God can never lie!

2 comments on “NO MORE FEARS

  1. Claudia Newsome says:

    This is such a timely word. I have been doing just what you said and reading the bible as though for the first time and God is doing such a healing in my life. I have 300 hundred scriptures that tells me who I am in Christ. The quiet time with the Lord changes your life.

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