“If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.  If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand. If satan has risen up against himself and is divided, he cannot stand, but he is finished!” (Mk 3:24-26)


There are two kingdoms and each has a king. The first one is called the Kingdom of God. It is ruled by the King of Kings, the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. Its aim is to declare on earth the glory of God the Father and to bring its citizens to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, the only Savior of men. The method of increasing its boundaries is by faith and love in Jesus. This is an everlasting kingdom that will defeat all others.

The second one is called the kingdom of darkness and it is ruled by the prince of the power of the air called satan. It is a wicked evil organization made by demons and fallen angels. Its aim is to fight God and His people, to kill steal and destroy all that is good. All sinners and all unbelievers are citizens of this kingdom. Its increase is by terror, fear, intimidation, witchcraft and manipulation. The head of this kingdom has been defeated by Christ on the Cross of Calvary. Its destruction has been prophesied and it shall be complete.


These two kingdoms influence all structures on earth. Each nation, business, family, each marriage or relationship is ruled by one or the other. For example, it is not possible that both Jesus and satan rule your marriage. There are no two kings in one domain. Satan is the first to apply for leadership. He comes with fake promises of prosperity and pleasure. If at least one of you agrees to his terms, he will take over the relationship and slowly destroys it from inside out. But if you reject its claim and promises, and invite Jesus to control your home, it shall be done!


“Every wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands” (PV 14:1)

This is a very good example to see how two women behave differently in regard to their marriages.  The wise woman values her soul, her husband and children. She desires a godly testimony. She pays the prize for ‘building’ a home. This is a work done with love, patience and prayer. She shall enjoy the work of her hands. Eventually, all the glory for her successful marriage goes to Jesus, her king. Her marriage is a cell of the kingdom of God and increases its borders. God rewards that spiritual labor and blesses the home with peace, love, joy and unity.

But the other woman is foolish, not because she is illiterate, but because she has yielded to the power of satan to control her words and actions. Her home cannot stand. In Greek, this word means to be established in the covenant of peace, to continue undisturbed and without divorce. But the foolish woman’s house shall be the opposite: shaky, troubled, and unhappy and eventually shall scatter thru divorce. Her house is divided and broken to pieces that cannot be ‘glued’ together. The puzzle will never be completed. The purpose for that wrong marriage cannot give glory to God.


It is very painful to love and marry an unbeliever, to dream lofty dreams of a good life with another whose main purpose is to serve satan. The end is divorce and painful broken hearts. As a pastor, I meet all sorts of women. The wise ones have peace, joy and hope. They are humble. They come for counsel and they are teachable. By faith they solve their problems with the help of the Holy Spirit. They make progress and increase their testimonies. Their marriages improve.  Unfortunately, I also meet proud, foolish women. They come for counsel but they do not take it. They talk too much. Their prayers do not change anything. They are too emotional dramatizing their pains at home. They blame their husbands for everything. They quickly consider divorce without any fear of God. They are troubled like the sea and do not enjoy the gift of marriage. Eventually they end up as bitter defeated women and haters of men. They become jealous on the success of others. They are spiritually dangerous, fallen stars and polluted wells. That is the painful side of being a pastor. My duty is to fight this self –damaging and wicked foolishness and to point them to Jesus for salvation and deliverance. My success in ministry depends on their response. Some change and some refuse to change. But the Word of God never changes…


Recently a foolish ‘sister’ came to see me to confess her many wicked and foolish choices. Her wicked careless behavior has damaged her testimony and her marriage. She asked for forgiveness concerning her long standing rebellion against my ministry as a pastor. She has rejected all the words of counsel I gave to her. She told me: “Malia, indeed God is with you! For all the pain I caused you over the years, you should have left the ministry. You should have gone back to your country. It must be God keeping you here in Nigeria, giving you the strength to go on. I saw that you are not even using the pain I inflicted on you to punish others. Thru it all you have remain calm and loving to all. It must be God, truly…”


This is a true saying, you need the power of the Holy Spirit to do ministry! Yes, today I want to give all the glory to God for finding me worthy to be called a pastor! I give all the glory to God for healing my heart from the many disappointments in ministry over the years! God did not allow me to see only defeat, but has given me many sweet moments of success and breakthroughs!  I want to give God all the glory for the strength to move on and for the many blessings along the way!


In Christ I declare:

For the success in my life and ministry, all glory to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit!

My home, my marriage, my children, my church and my ministry shall stand forever!

To the glory of God!

In Jesus name,



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