“But Jesus said, “Someone touched Me; I know that power has gone out from Me.” Then the woman, seeing that she could not go unnoticed, came trembling and fell at His feet. In the presence of all the people, she told why she had touched Him and how she had been instantly healed. Then He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.” (Lk 8:46-48)


I have just left my office, still angry in my spirit. A Christian sister in need of prayer and counsel came to see me. She is married with three children. Since I know her, she has never been sickly. But now she said that she is sick with a ‘mysterious’ disease. She bleeds internally and she is pale. But she has no pains at all. She went to many hospitals and did many tests. She is not rich but she had to spend a lot of money. The medical results are all conflicting. The doctors could not agree on a particular diagnoses or what treatment she should take. They just gave her some ‘tablets’ and told her to go home, to wait and see…


She was seated in front of me quoting scriptures. But the sound of her voice and the body language spoke only of doubt, fear and defeat. Then I got angry at the devil that was tormenting her. I confronted her: are you born again? She said yes. I asked her: Do you believe that Jesus can heal you? She said yes. Then I commanded the evil spirit of religion to be silent! With the authority of Christ given to me I reminded her of the power in the Blood and in the Name of Jesus!  I told her to go back in time and remember that holy day when she became a child of God. The power that took her sins away is the same power that will take the sickness away. She was struggling to call the names of the microbes the doctor isolated in her fluids. I told her she does not need to know all these foreign bodies. She cannot heal herself! Their names are not important…why? For at the name of Jesus they all must bow! She said the doctors are confused about her sickness.  I told her that Jesus is never confused about His creation! Jesus does not need to ask the doctors for permission before healing her. I reminded her that her body belongs to God and it is declared to be the Temple of the Holy Spirit. I told her that I am also a medical doctor but I was not trained in building or repairing of temples. The medical doctors can treat the unbelievers but they know nothing about the habitation of the Holy Spirit in God’s temples. I told her not to worship doctors, medicine or men!


I told her to remove her eyes from her circumstances! To look only unto Jesus Christ! I told her to believe in miracles! What if God wants to intervene and heal her for His glory alone? The evil spirit of religion has complicated her mind too much. She needs to go back to Jehovah Rapha, to the simplicity of trusting Christ Crucified! She is a child of God! She is the Bride of Christ! God is jealous over her. God does not want to share His glory with doctors, nurses, pharmacists or medicines. I told her to let go of the good to make space in her heart, for faith in the best! I told her to take the medicines prescribed to avoid a conflict with her unbelieving husband who has paid the medical bills. But in her heart she should cry to God who is able and willing to save and to heal! God will not reject any desperate believing soul! I know for I was there too! Thank God that I can practice what I preach! I am not a hypocrite! I am not selling the Word of God! Out of the abundance of my heart, words supplied and sealed with the fire of the Holy Spirit, I have spoken!  God is able! God is faithful! To God be all the glory!


As for you dear reader, Be healed, In Jesus name, Amen!


In Christ I declare:

By the stripes of Jesus I am instantly healed!

I am happy!

I have peace!

I go forth to testify of God’s goodness to me!

In Jesus name



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