“if anyone is in Christ he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come” (2Cor 5:17)


A lady came to my office not too long ago. She is a married woman with children. She has been attending our church for some times. Previously, she was very active in another church.  I observed that each time she talks to me it was always about her business. She was in her words ‘a workaholic’. The last time I saw her I confronted her with the truth. I told her that I am not a business consultant but a pastor. I told her that I am more interested in her soul than in her bank account. She was surprised at my words. She said that in the previous church she had attended the pastor talks the opposite. I then told her that her destiny is to be a mature Christian, a woman of God. I also told her that her lack of interest in the spiritual things may be because she is not truly born again. I also told her that she needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit. These blessings are not available in any market. She cannot buy them with money. But if she humbles herself and if she has faith God will grant her salvation and power for service. She laughs a lot but suddenly she became sober. Then we held hands and prayed…


At the beginning she was shy, praying some routine prayers memorized from her childhood. I was quietly praying in tongues. Then suddenly she became bolder. Her voice became louder and more confident. She rejected all interference with the powers of darkness. I could see faith rising in her soul. It was almost visible. I knew that from this moment on, anything can happen for the Holy Spirit is now in full control. This is the holy moment I’m always waiting for. The face changes…the very atmosphere changes…then she started praying in tongues and prophesying over her life, to partake from the blessings of Christ…after some time, she started laughing and laughing like a prisoner who suddenly is set free…If you have not experienced this miracle, there is no way you can understand what I am saying… The free people have their own language, their own songs and their own dances. A soul was set free that afternoon. Religious spirits bowed at the name of Jesus! She became truly born again. Much later she went home. I was very happy in my spirit, reminding myself that revival is coming…


A week later she came back. She was rejoicing and but she had some questions. She said that her life has totally changed. She made up her mind to dedicate some time every morning to the study the Bible and prayer. Previously, she was praying only ‘in her mind’, with her eyes closed, still lying down on the bed in the morning. Now she gets up, reads her Bible and prays with her voice. She said that she also made the decision not to worry about her business. She also said that she is not anxious anymore when she goes late to open her shop. She will trust God for her financial gain. Just looking at her I saw the peace of God on her face. She told me that even her husband is happy with her new commitment to become a serious Christian.


The she had some questions…she said that since that day, her neighbor in the market suddenly changed her attitude towards her. This was for no good reason. She knew that the other lady is not a serious Christian but she thought that for the sake of business and peace, they can be friends. They trusted each other with heart secrets and their businesses. If one goes for break the other will sell for her. Suddenly, after the experience in my office, the other lady just hated her. She started quarreling, abusing her, her marriage and even her pastor. One day, a strange wind came and the other woman’s umbrella fell on the sister’s things. All her products fell down. Things got broken or damaged. She had great loss that day. The other woman did not even apologize. Then she knew that this is a spiritual battle and not something that can be ‘settled’ with common sense. She cried saying that she did not know that being filled with the Holy Spirit means she will lose her friends and business partners.

I encouraged her as a believer.… I asked her if she regrets being filled with the Holy Spirit and she clearly said ‘No’. I told her that God will give her a new supernatural wisdom to deal with situations as a child of God and not just as a business woman. I also told her that, from now on, all her friends must pass the ‘test of fire’. God has to approve them, if not they will not be able to come to close to her. This is the royal road of the Cross. This is the beginning of the process called sanctification. The world goes away and the Kingdom of God becomes more real than ever. With time, the faith will become stronger and these temptations will not seem so strange anymore.

Lastly…I encourage you dear child of God to hold on to your faith, which is more expensive than gold. There is nothing in this world greater than your God! There is nobody who can compare with the Excellency of knowing Jesus as your Savior and Lord. Do not look back! Look ahead and upwards. You shall see Jesus! You shall hear the cheering from the cloud of witnesses, the saints of old who have suffered like you do now, but remained faithful unto the end. God will not give you more than you can bear, but He will allow you to see the way of escape, so that you may be a champion for Christ! The truth is this: you can never be the same again! Your life has changed forever! May the peace of God surround your soul even right now! Continue to praise God, for the future is more wonderful than the present sufferings! Jesus is worthy of your service and sacrifice! He will reward you and bless you more than you can ever imagine or think! I am sure 100%!  Be filled with the Holy Spirit! In Jesus name, Amen!


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