“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds…” (Ps 147:3)
A young sister came to my office looking very sad. A young man proposed marriage to her. She has known him for more than ten years, but there was no romance all this time. They were close family friends. But in her heart, she had a secret crush for him. When he proposed marriage to her, it seems that her dream came true. Not long after that, she came to my office and she looked so happy. She was telling me about their plans for the future as a married couple. I rejoiced with her too. That was some moths ago…

Recently she came to see me again. This time she was broken hearted. The young man of her dreams simply informed her that he has changed his mind…that he fell in love with another…that he will marry another lady….soon… He then told her that he hopes she understands…she said that she understands…’what else can I say’ she told me…she said that she did not want to break down before him… she even prayed for him, that his marriage will be happy… She told me that since this pain broke her heart, her daily prayer is this: “Lord Jesus, make me better and not bitter…” She also told me that a lady from the church passed by and mocked her saying: “Some people get married and some people are losers…” Again she prayed to be better and not bitter…
But in my office, far from the stares of the selfish and wicked, free to be herself, she broke down, weeping like a child. She said that her mistake was to trust him too much…I told her that she is not the first and not the last… many have passed this road of painful betrayal and unexpected disappointment…Yes, the tears must flow, but not forever, I told her…

How can I help such a soul? I knew that there is no need to even try to use my power…”I need Thee, Lord, I need Thee…” was my prayer…”Holy Spirit please come and heal a broken heart child of God…” The rest prayer was only in tongues…Suddenly, the mighty rushing wind came from heaven…the sister stopped weeping and started praying with a grateful heart, worshipping God like never before…then she started laughing and laughing…supernatural joy, a gift from God…she could not stop rejoicing…the tears of pain became tears of joy…I was witnessing a miracle of healing and deliverance, God’s style…She said it on and on: “Jesus loves me…Jesus loves me…that is enough for me…that is enough for me…” What treasure of grace opened to her…what wonderful healing manifested to a lonely broken soul, rejected by men, but accepted by her God…I am still in awe from what my eyes have seen and what my hands have touched…
I was once a doctor, maybe I could have prescribed anti-depressants, at least for a while…but it took God just a touch and all the pain was gone…Oh, may genuine miracles be my portion as I do ministry among the hopeless, the sick and the poor… May my eyes remain fixed on Jesus Christ, who alone can heal a broken heart and make it new…
I worship You Lord this evening…There is no one like You…I will never fear what the devil will do, to me and to my children…for the Hope of Glory has spoken and His Word is AMEN!


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