This is what the Lord says:

“I will destroy your witchcraft and you will no longer cast spells” (Micah 5:12)



WITCHCRAFT is the skill to use demonic power to control other people or events; to achieve selfish results, completely outside the leading of the Holy Spirit and in opposition to the plan and purpose of God for mankind.

Witchcraft is the same as sorcery. It manifests in different ways but the following are the most common of all:


MANIPULATION means to control and cheat another by using skillful, deceptive, hidden means to achieve his selfish purpose. It produces frustration, guilt and a feeling of being cheated.

For example, King Balak is a political manipulator. He tries to hire a famous false prophet called Balaam to curse the children of Israel who came out of Egypt. His intent was to use demonic power to weaken them in such a way that it will be easy to defeat them in war and drive them away. He is promised money and honor if he can curse them successfully (Nu 22-24).

An example of religious manipulation is when a man goes to see a prophet for counsel and prayer. But he has a hidden idol in his heart. He wants prayer and blessings but he refuses to openly confess his sins. The demon of witchcraft may blind the prophet to bless such a man. God overrules the prayer and the blessings and judges the sin of manipulation. The prophet and the man who came for prayer shall be punished together (Ezekiel 14).

Personally, I take this warning very seriously. I always pray that the Holy Spirit takes control of any discussion, counsel or prayer session I am involved in. I often pray for the manifestation of the gift of discerning the spirits, to be able to see in the Spirit and not to be deceived by the visible. Carelessness in life is dangerous, but in ministry is even more so. The devil will send his agents with the primary purpose to make the pastor or the believer backslide.


INTIMIDATION means to make another afraid and to force him into submission. It means to push back another, to stop his progress in life.  The victim becomes timid and full of inferiority complex. It is done by constant demands or threats. The victim’s spirit is broken and all courage lost. It means to bully thru aggression and insults. The fear of God is replaced by the fear of man or the fear of death in the victim.

This is an example of intimidation: Jezebel was an agent of the devil sent to pollute the religious atmosphere in Israel. She sponsors all the false prophets and kills all the true servants of God. God sends Elijah to confront the Prophets of Baal. In a dramatic display of power, they are defeated publicly and killed on the slopes of Mount Carmel. When Ahab tell his wife about the defeat she becomes mad with anger. She invokes the power of her gods and threatened Elijah with death. This is a clear curse of witchcraft using intimidation. Elijah runs away (1Kg 19:1-3). The great prophet needs a fresh encounter with Jehovah to be delivered from the effect of fear before he can return to ministry.

This is another example of intimidation: Goliath cursed David by his gods that he will die. But God’s promise to Abraham has to be fulfilled. God promised that He ‘will curse them that curse’ the descendants of Abraham. By cursing David, the fate of Goliath was sealed. With all his strength, stature and experience as a soldier, he died (1Sam 17:43)

There was a wizard called ‘Elymas the Sorcerer’ who opposed the ministry of Paul. AS with Goliath, he had to be punished for that. Paul declared that he will be blind for a season and it was so (Acts 13:1-12)


OPPRESSION means to crush the spirit of another by adding false burdens. It is done by misusing the power or the authority of a leader. The victim becomes silent, weak, foolish, hopeless and unable to mature spiritually (witchcraft stops the spiritual and mental growth of its victims). Under continual oppression the general attitude will be that of a slave.

For example, the children of Israel became slaves under the Egyptians who oppressed them with heavy burdens and much work (Ex 1). A boss in the office, a husband, a father or a pastor may oppress others and force them to submit to them. The evil spirit of witchcraft is doing much damage to families, churches. It is very active in the work force, in the offices and government officials all over the world. God is on the side of the victim whose responsibility is to pray always for help to come from above. A silent victim is ignorantly co-operating with the oppressor. Spiritual passivity is always a mark of witchcraft.


In Christ I declare:

I destroy any spell of witchcraft over my life, my marriage, my family, my ministry and my church!

I am free from an influence of the demons of manipulation, intimidation or oppression! I reject any form of sickness, weakness, confusion, fear, deception or evil attacks! I am healed! I am free! I am happy! I belong to God! Jesus Christ has died of the Cross for my sins! I am free from any condemnation! My accuser is defeated! I shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord! God’s plan and purpose for me and my family shall be fulfilled! Any human agent, who is actively engaged in witchcraft, to curse me and my family, shall be exposed and disgraced as a fool! No weapon fashioned against me and my family shall prosper! This is our heritage as servants of God! The victory is ours! To the glory of God! In Jesus name, Amen!

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