“Once God has spoken; twice have I heard this: that all POWER belongs to God” (Ps 62:11)
This is our praise report:
We imported more than 4000 seats for our new church. The containers came last week. We hired an agent who paid all the official custom duties. The seats were supposed to be here in Warri three days ago. Then the devil attacked. One of ‘the officials’ refused to let the containers leave the port. He asked for impossible conditions that we can never fulfill. Each day was now adding to the demurrage and the charges kept increasing. Pastor was not ready to cooperate with any sinful requirements. We had no other method than to fast and pray. This is what we did for the past three days. We petitioned the Highest Official in the universe, the King of kings and the Lord of lords to intervene and to glorify Himself in the matter. The church, the seats and our lives belong to Him! The heart of the king is in His hand! We prayed against the power of darkness and the wickedness in his places! We prayed for a living testimony of grace and power! We prayed that ‘the official’ will have no sleep and he will lose all peace until he releases God’s property! We spoke victory in the situation! We declared God’s open door that no man can shut! We made a vow that God will receive all the glory for the breakthrough!
Long story short…Ten minutes ago, the long expected good news came! Without any explanation, the official suddenly ‘removed his hands from the matter’ and released the containers! By tomorrow, our new church seats should be here in Warri! PRAISEEEEEEEEEE THE LOOOOORDDD!!!!!!!!
There is a saying in Nigeria where we live:
“Power pass power!”
This testimony is to the glory of God! We also declare the defeat of the devil and his agents! May your hearts be encouraged! May your faith increase! Your breakthrough is coming too!
Praise the Lord, o my soul!
In Jesus name,


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