“The fear of man brings a snare, But he who trusts in the LORD will be exalted” (PV 29:25)
Do you want to be down or up? It depends of whom you fear…man or God….
The greatest need for man is to know and worship The Living God; to have an intimate saving relationship with Jesus Christ. (I use the word ‘man’ to mean all human beings, male or female).
Loneliness is painful. It is especially in times of loneliness that the devil attacks and presents relationships with other men as an alternative to the worship of God. Their need of God is replaced by the need to belong to other human beings. Men enter relationships of commitment, love and help with other men. These are spiritual covenants of friendship and faithfulness with the devil as a witness. They manifests as manipulative relationships between a boss and his employee, marriage or other friendships. Men feel that they need one another to support and encourage themselves. But these fleshly relationships are outside the presence of the Holy Spirit. Try to imagine this: the doctor is sick and the patient is sick…who can help? Needy weak men try to support and help other needy weak men. A broken hearted man opens his heart to another broken hearted man. None can help but the deception goes on for a long time.

This neediness is what the Bible calls ‘the fear of man’. The word ‘fear’ here is not the regular word. In Hebrew it describes someone shaking with the fear of being lonely, of losing a friend, like a beggar or a slave of another man. The picture is this: “If you leave me I will die…Nobody will hire me…nobody will marry me…I am lost without you, without your words and love…’
This fear of man is a snare. It traps the soul into spiritual slavery. Men look to you like giants. Men try to become ‘Messiahs’ to other needy men. But there is danger, a snare…when men look great God looks so small. Anytime you think that a man is so great and he is indispensable to your life on earth, you fear losing that man… You fear his leaving you…you fear his rejection…And you make God small…that is the snare!

We are commanded to ‘magnify the Lord and to exalt His name!’ (Ps 34:3). The fear of man makes God look small to you and to others. You cannot witness the Gospel if this fear of man is in you. But the fear of God makes God great, and this becomes your wisdom of life.

I have seen men as slaves of men. They did not have visible chains on their necks, but their souls were bound in sick relationships without hope and without joy. As sick as these relationships are, the victims tremble at the idea of rejection. They hold on to men with trembling hands and pleading eyes….
I have also seen this miracle: God intervenes… Then something happens…one man makes a mistake and disappoints another. The fragile relationship scatters to pieces. The pain of betrayal, bitterness and loss overpowers the sweet memories. All is lost in a second. For no man can save another and second chances are not the gifts of needy men. In times like these the Holy Spirit redirects the broken hearts to the Savior. As the chains of sick love are broken, so eternal life comes in and heals the desperate lonely soul. Jesus came to heal the broken hearted and to free the captives of men. I have seen scales fall from tired eyes…I have heard the sound of fallen broken chains…I have seen the vomit of poisonous ‘love’…I have seen souls set free by the power of the Blood of Jesus! Dear friend, let your trust be in God and he will make something beautiful out of your life! He will exalt you! He will protect you! God knows that it is not good for man to be alone, so He will bring stable, mature men of God close to you…No more manipulation…Like the worm dreaming inside the cocoon, the butterfly will soon come out and prove its wings! You shall fly! You shall succeed! Failure is behind! True love and joy everlasting shall be your potion! I am so sure! I have seen it happen many times!

Be encouraged tonight! Be delivered from the sin of neediness! Jesus died for your sins, including this one too!
May the power of resurrection manifest in your heart right now!
Proclaim the Word of God:
“So we can confidently say, “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?” (Heb 13:6)
The answer is ‘Nothing!’
Let God be God to you!
In Jesus name


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