“I give thanks to Him, who hath strengthened me, even to Christ Jesus our Lord, for that He hath counted me faithful, putting me in the ministry” (1Tim 1:12)


“Dear Heavenly Father,

I cannot describe in human words the sweet joy of abiding daily in Your presence…the privilege of praying…the honor of studying Your Word. You said that this is my work: To believe in Jesus! To make my faith visible and real to others… so that they can believe in You too! To the world my work is useless, but to me is priceless…

Dear Lord Jesus, I truly love You…You are so patient with me…Strong on my behalf…Gentle and kind…I thank You for the amazing grace to write down the revelation received, for the benefit of the needy souls…I know that this Word shall break the stony hearts and set the captives free…I thank You for giving me this evening a hint of the mighty anointing that shall be released … The way I feel now, I know for sure that the service tomorrow will be great… souls shall be saved, bondages shall be broken, there shall be healing, deliverance and blessings overflow…

Lord, I am so grateful for calling me to Your service…Your Spirit leads me on…

I give thanks…

Eternally and faithfully Yours,



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