“Is anyone among you afflicted (ill-treated, suffering evil)? He should pray!

Is anyone glad at heart? He should sing praise [to God]!” (Jam 5:13; AMP)


Prayer is one of the greatest doctrines of the Bible. Generally speaking, prayer means ‘talking to God’. Biblically speaking, prayer is the expression of a personal relationship between God and His child. The Almighty God only listens to His children. He hears the voices of all men, for He created them. But He listens and answers only the prayers of the true believers in Christ. This is the truth reveled in the scriptures. If the truth makes you angry, then give your life to Christ. That anger is from the devil who keeps you in bondage of foolishness, doubt and unbelief! No man can ever win a battle against truth for God is supreme!


For prayer to be answered, there are some conditions, holy expectations that God has decreed in His Word:

*The first condition for an answer from God is that you indeed pray. It is not enough to think about prayer, to meditate about the possibility of prayer or to say a feeble ‘amen’ when others pray for you…You need to open your heart and your mouth and talk to God yourself!

*You need to pray in faith. Doubt and fear are poison to faith, especially when it comes to prayer.

*You need to be patient and persevere until the answer comes. God decides the answer. It may not be what you expect but it is surely the best option for you. Like with food, it may not be the sweetest but it is surely the most nutritious. God knows the best!  Trust Him for the answer!


The devil will attack you especially when you chose to really pray. He will send fiery arrows of doubt, discouragement, fear, weakness, sickness, distractions, laziness, pleasures and other evil things, to poison your mind. You need to bring all these thoughts under the obedience of Christ. You need to identify these as evil, as attacks and not just as ‘normal’ things of life. Do not excuse your spiritual weakness on the traffic, weather or the cares of this world. You are created by God to have an intimate personal relationship with Him. Prayer is basic to that relationship. Many believers get tired of praying. That is exactly what the devil intends…That is a great loss to you…I am not talking just about missing your blessings or rewards by interrupting the flow of prayer. I am saying that the devil has succeeded to break your life line, your Holy connection with your Father in heaven. The devil has succeeded to separate what God intends to be together. The Holy Spirit is grieved by your backsliding…


I encourage you to stand firm in faith until the answer comes. Each time God answers you, even if it is for a ‘little’ request, it will increase your faith and become a stepping stone for other prayers. For example, you need $100 to pay your electric bill. if you cannot succeed in praying for that, how can you pray to be the owner of a house? It will not be possible. For God is not the author of confusion, of disturbing the mind about the purpose of things. God is the author of peace, order, spiritual growth, maturity and an ever increasing faith.


I am speaking to you who suffer right now…single mother, jobless person, rejected by friends, sick and no insurance, sick and no hope, too little money, too little freedom, too little joy… Do not waste your pains and troubles…Do not just cry….Do not complain…Do not blame God…Do not envy others…Go back to God in prayer! Use all these difficulties as training for prayer! I promise that you shall not regret it!  By praying, your weak faith will become stronger. Waiting patiently on God does not weaken your faith. That is the lie of the devil! The truth is that patience increases faith; it purifies it as gold which passes thru fire. I challenge you to go back and pray again for that ‘old’ problem! Pray daily until God answers! Do not stop seeking God’s face until He gives you a specific Word! Do not stop the flow of the prayer! God is good and God is faithful! God is merciful and all powerful! God will answer you and you shall glorify Him! You will not weep forever! Your breakthrough is closer than you think! There is nothing impossible for God to do! And when the answer comes and you are happy, sing praises to Him! I mean that! God means that! I am hearing praises already…


In Christ I declare:

I am a child of God!

I am born again by the Holy Spirit!

Jesus Christ is my Savior and Lord!

God is good, faithful, merciful and powerful!

I will seek God and continue to pray until He speaks to me!

Faith 100%! Doubt 0%!

I will praise God forever!

All glory to God!

In Jesus name


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