“The Queen of Sheba shall rise against this nation in the judgment and condemn it; for she came from a distant land to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and now one greater than Solomon is here—and you refuse to believe Him” (Mt 12:42)

Sometimes ago a sister in Christ traveled from Lagos to Warri just to attend our church. Compared with Lagos, Warri is a village. This was not a personal visit. It was not a business trip. She came with public transport accompanied by another sister. They attended our Saturday Class prayer meeting and the Sunday service. They went back on Monday morning.
This lady is beautiful and educated. She attends a big church in Lagos. She has a good job. By any standard she is a successful woman. I know her for about 5 years. We communicate and pray thru fb. When she told me that she is coming to Warri I was a little surprised. This is because it is a sacrifice and these days few people are willing to pay the price searching for spiritual blessings. But she came. She was tired after the long journey but soon she jumped in the river of anointing. For the first time in her life she got baptized by the Holy Spirit and she prayed in tongues. That alone was a miracle for she said that she tried many times to do it but ‘it just did not happen’. The Holy Spirit filled her with power, faith, peace, joy and with a fresh desire to serve God like never before. Her faith was so high when she left Warri that I knew in my spirit that God will perfect what He has started. God will fulfill her heart’s desires. She will come back with great testimonies. The seeds planted here shall produce a great harvest, wherever she goes. I told her she looks like the Queen of Sheba …She answered ‘Amen!’

Who is this Queen of Sheba? What we know is only from the Bible. She probably came from Ethiopia. She had her own royal domain. She was a rich and powerful woman. She heard rumors about a man called Solomon, a King in Israel. She heard that God blessed him with a supernatural wisdom and a discerning heart. She decided to go and meet him. This journey was no easy. There were no buses or planes. She could not look in the internet and find the place. There was no Expedia or Google. There was no Bible for her to read, no church in Sheba. The distance was about 1500 miles. They had to use camels or elephants. The weather is very hot and dry. She went with an entourage and a lot of gifts. The gold she carried to give Solomon is valued at $3,000,000. Thieves could have attacked, steal the treasure and kill them all. But she humbled herself, took the risk and went to meet the king.

The Queen of Sheba is a successful seeker and therefore, a finder. That is the best way I can describe her. She was seeking God. She wanted to know the Almighty God. She desired to know her identity and her destiny found in Him alone. She was a pagan queen. All her neighbors were pagan people like her. But she wanted something better than worshipping the moon and the stars. She had so many questions and she did not want to die without answers. She heard that Solomon knows and talks to the Creator of the universe. There were no men like Solomon in her domain. So, she had to go and meet the only man of God ‘available on earth’. She paid the price for an encounter with God. She heard God’s Word in the palace of Solomon. She found Jehovah in His temple in Jerusalem. She brought a lot of gifts as a true royal offering. Her soul was saved and her mind found rest. Then she went home satisfied.

Jesus said that at the Day of Judgment she will stand in the court of heaven as a witness. Her testimony will be placed side by side with that of others who say they are believers. By the price she paid on earth to seek God she has won the right to be a lawyer in heaven and condemn all religious hypocrisy. The Queen of Sheba has been promoted by Jesus. She has now become the Advocate of Sheba.
The question is this: Do you really seek God? Do you seek the treasure called the Kingdom of God? Do you humble yourself and pray until the heavens open to you? Do you seek until you find God? Are you ready to pay the price for an encounter with the Living God? Or do you practice a cheap, second-hand Christianity? David said that ‘he cannot offer God something cheap’. The Queen of Sheba did the same. Are you like David? Do you value the Word of God? Do you really study the Word of God? Do you pray until there is an answer? Do you seek a good living church to attend, even if it is far from your house? Do you pay your tithe? Do you volunteer to serve God in His house? Please answer these questions well. As for me and my household, we shall serve the Lord!

In Christ I declare:
I seek and find God!
I knock unto the door of salvation shall open to me!
I shall pay the price for an encounter with the Living God!
God shall bless me with Himself!
Jehovah God is my reward!
In Jesus name

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