“The Queen of Sheba shall rise against this nation in the judgment and condemn it; for she came from a distant land to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and now one greater than Solomon is here—and you refuse to believe him” (Mt 12:42)

Sometimes ago a sister in Christ traveled from Lagos to Warri just to attend our church. Compared with Lagos, Warri is a village. This was not a personal visit. It was not a business trip. She came with public transport accompanied by another sister. They attended our Saturday Class prayer meeting and the Sunday service. They went back on Monday morning.
This lady is beautiful and educated. She attends a big church in Lagos. She has a good job. By any standard she is a successful woman. I know her for about 5 years. We communicate and pray thru fb. When she told me that she is coming to Warri I was a little surprised. This is because it is a sacrifice and these days few people are willing to pay the price searching for spiritual blessings. But she came. She was tired after the long journey but soon she jumped in the river of anointing. For the first time in her life she got baptized by the Holy Spirit and she prayed in tongues. That alone was a miracle for she said that she tried many times to do it but ‘it just did not happen’. The Holy Spirit filled her with power, faith, peace, joy and with a fresh desire to serve God like never before. Her faith was so high when she left Warri that I knew in my spirit that God will perfect what He has started. God will fulfill her heart’s desires. She will come back with great testimonies. The seeds planted here shall produce a great harvest, wherever she goes. I told her she looks like the Queen of Sheba …She answered ‘Amen!’

I just received ‘a royal mail from Sheba’. The sister sent me this letter:
“Dear Malia,
I feel so different writing you now… I am smiling as I’m writing… It is a much better feeling…
I have struggled so much in the past to hide my real self so that nobody will really see my ‘dirty’ sides. But now I feel brand new. No fear or guilt. How can I thank God who has revealed Himself to me? I promise to love God; I shall continue to give Him glory for as long as I live. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

I had another major encounter with the Holy Spirit on the night I came back from Warri. I slept about 10pm and I was very tired. At about 2am something almost pushed me off my bed (I’m sure it is the Holy Spirit). A voice inside me said “begin to call back all the years that you have lost”. I had to go on my knees and pray and read from the book of Joel. I knew it was the Holy Spirit because I prayed with so much excitement.
Indeed the Holy Spirit is real. He is no more a fairy tale to me. Can you imagine? I’m enjoying myself now.
Thank you, Malia for leading me to God!
I’m not afraid of you anymore. I feel at home and at peace. God bless you. My regards to Taleigh!”

My answer to her:
Please give all the glory to God! For He alone is worthy of all your praise! Keep in touch!
I expect more wonderful testimonies from you!
Love in Christ alone,


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