“Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy. Blessed is the one who fears the Lord always, but whoever hardens his heart will fall into calamity” (PV 28:13, 14)

Your relationship with God will reflect in all other relationships you have on earth, including your marriage. You can only be a good a friend, wife or mother if you are first of all a good servant of God. God cannot be deceived. This is God’s law! God monitors your spiritual seeds and harvests in your matrimonial home! If you are a secretive person, if you refuse to openly acknowledge your sins and if you are not willing to repent, you shall ‘fall into calamity’. In Hebrew, the word means trouble, affliction, depression, misery and evil. A secretive hard hearted person shall fall into temptation and is not protected from evil. Divorce and the bad name of a betrayer are only few of the miseries ahead. Like with Pharaoh, God hardens the heart of some people as a sign of divine punishment. God told Moses in advance that the king of Egypt will be hard hearted that he will refuse to yield to the Word of God. The whole country was destroyed because of the stubbornness of its leader. Once the Blood of the Lamb was shed, Pharaoh eventually had to bow to Jehovah and let God’s people freely go (Ex 9:12).

Dear Friends, Think about all these things. If you are single and you pray for marriage, be sure that you marry a child of God. More than wealth or education, this is the most important quality of all. He may be poor today but if he is really saved, God is his Father and he will never beg for food. The spiritual status is the most important thing as you prepare for marriage. Remember that you cannot change your husband. Only God has access to a man’s heart. You can pray and try your best to help but you cannot convert your spouse. This is the truth!  To marry an unbeliever is a great deception; it means that you want to help a wicked person to practice more wickedness. And remember, God hates that unequal yoking!

Please meditate upon God’s Word…Is the Word of God penetrating your heart? Are you really changing from within? That is a good sign, for it means that the hardness of heart is melting away…Learn from the mistakes of others…pray for your marriage…pray for your children…pray for your heart…humble yourself…every hidden sin should be repented of!. Do not practice secrecy in the home. God’s Word is like ‘a hammer that breaks the rocks’ (Jer 23:29). Study the Bible! Pray always! This is the holy secret of successful marriage! To God be all the glory!

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