“No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it” (1Cor 10:13)

This is one of the most wonderful promises of God. I applied it often, especially in times of need. Please read it knowing that it is God’s Word to you. What are the lessons?


*Temptations must come; they are unavoidable. The devil tempted Jesus so he will tempt us too. Do not be surprised when the attack comes, when the evil day comes, when things are hard and they make no sense. Temptation is not counted as sin. But a sinful response during temptation is sin.  God monitors your response to the evil attack. If you endure temptation successfully, you shall be promoted and receive the crown of life. If you fail during the temptation, you shall suffer loss. The intent of the devil is that during temptations, you should forget God and backslide; that you should shift from your stable position, even if a little. He will be very happy if you abandon your sure foundation of faith. Do not let the pain of the attack overpower your mind or emotions to the extent of doubting God. The pain will come and go, but your God abides with you forever!


*All temptations are ‘common to man’. They are ‘ordinary’. There is nothing special or unique about an evil attack. The devil does not create. He only repeats himself. The way he deceived our ancestors, that same way he will try to deceive you too. By studying the Word of God we can find the strategy, how to successfully resist temptation.  For example, God promised Abraham and Sarah a son. There was no need for plan B. There was no need for Abraham to go into Hagar. That was a mistake, a sin of doubt concerning the promise of God. They should have waited until Isaac came. By reading the Bible we are encouraged to avoid their mistakes.


*God is faithful to His promises. God does not tempt you! God does not plan your downfall! God does not lie! If God has spoken, that Word must come to pass. Make up your mind to honor God by trusting Him 100%. If you trust God, you shall not be disappointed; you shall not be put to shame! That is another wonderful promise!


*God is with you inside the problem. He monitors the size of the problem. You are not alone during temptations! God knows your strength too. He is intimately involved in your life. The temptation is to make you better, stronger, not to make you fall. God is in charge of your problem. At the last minute (as God counts it) He will open your eyes to see ‘the way of escape’. This is the exit out of a burning building. It is the miracle open door out of an impossible situation. All your attention is to find this miracle door. When the temptation comes, the door is designed as part of it. God never panics thinking of solutions at the last minute. God is never confused! Your problem does not intimidate Him! The door of escape, the solution, is part of the problem from the very beginning. You shall find it and suddenly you are free!


It does not matter if the challenge is about health, finances, marital and family issues. These things differ. But one thing is sure: God never changes! Jesus is forever the same, yesterday, today and forever! God is always faithful! God has never lost any battle and he will not start with you! Let me tell you this: Even if you plan to prove God unfaithful, you shall lose the game! Because the truth is this: God is faithful to His promises! That is how God is!

May your eyes open to see the faithful door of escape! I say: Enough of this sickness! I say: Enough of this stress!  It is time to leave this furnace and go outside in the cool evening under the rainbow of peace! Let’s celebrate deliverance! Let’s honor freedom! Jesus is Lord!


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