“Make a joyful shout to the Lord, all you lands!

Serve the Lord with gladness…

For the Lord is good;

His mercy is everlasting,

And His truth endures to all generations” (Ps 100)


This is a Psalm of great inspiration to the worshippers of Jehovah. We are commanded to ‘make a joyful sound’. It is not God that will ‘make’ this sound. It is our responsibility, as He has already given us breath and vocal cords to use. We are to obey the Word of God exactly as we read it. The true response here is not a little whisper prayer or a murmuring tune. It is a clear ‘trumpet like’ shout calling the names of God and praising Him with all our strength. We are to serve and worship God with gladness. It means to be happy and satisfied with our relationship with God.  The opposite of ‘gladness’ is sadness, depression or anger. All these sinful internal attitudes disqualify you from entering God’s presence to worship Him. You may ask: ‘Why should I be glad when there are many problems around me?’ The reason why I am glad is because Jesus died for me to save my soul. Salvation is the greatest gift of grace. All other blessings and gifts, marriage, children, wealth…are not in the same class with the salvation of your soul! So, be glad, be grateful…and actively loudly praise God!


Why I love to praise God is because He is the only living God. I do not worship ‘man-made gods’ or any other ‘part time idols’. My God happens to be Elohim, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. If this statement sounds like boasting, you are right. I am commanded to boast about knowing my God, so I am training to do just that. With time, I will boast even more about God’s love for me! If this offends you, there is nothing I can do. Come to the Cross, see what Jesus did for your soul, and you shall join me in singing praises, boasting and making a joyful noise unto God!


I belong to God! My body soul and spirit are His. I did not create myself and I am not my god. I am His sheep and He is my Shepherd. Jehovah Rohi takes responsibility for my life. So, I shall not want, fret or fear. Each time I hear any of God’s names, my spirit jumps up like baby John did in the womb of his mother, Elizabeth. God forbid that at the hearing of the name of Jesus, I continue my routine like nothing has happened! Jesus died for me! My soul is saved! So the proper response to the hearing of my Savior’s name is to praise Him!


My God is good. He is the only true good Person in the universe! If you see any good thing in me, it is His reflection and nothing else. His mercy and kindness to me is everlasting. The well of His grace is bottomless. His truth endures to all generations. Things come and go but truth remains standing, for truth is a Person. “I am the Truth…” said Jesus. The same wonderful truth revealed to me will come to my children and grandchildren. All generations will receive freedom from their bondages, on behalf of the workings of truth as revealed in Christ. I may not have money to give to my children, but the truth revealed to me is their portion and inheritance forever. What a God!  What a destiny! Now, it is time to leave you…for I want to shout in triumph: JESUSSSSSS!!!! Our God is worthy!


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