“Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done what I have spoken to you.” (Gen 28:15)


Just try to imagine Jacob’s state of mind as he left his childhood home. He left with anxiety, knowing that Esau is now his mortal enemy. He is going ‘abroad’ to live like ‘an illegal immigrant’. Anybody can kill him along the way. He has nothing except the clothes on his back. Tired, in the middle of the desert, he lays down to sleep for the night, a big stone for a pillow. Then he has a dream. He sees a ladder connecting heaven and earth. Angels were seen busy going up and down. Then he hears the voice of God Almighty coming down from the top of the ladder.

God assures him that he too is a partaker of the covenant given to Abraham and Isaac. It means that God will be his God. He will have direct access to the Person of God and the special blessings of heaven. The covenant also includes the assurance that he and his descendants are the owners of the land of Canaan. Secondly, God promises that he will be extremely fruitful and his descendants are blessed. Lastly, God tells him indirectly, that the Messiah will come to his people and so thru Him, they will be a blessing to all other families on earth. God assures him of His personal protection and guidance throughout the journey and promises that he will bring him back to this land!

The revelation of God is awesome. It is pure grace, for Jacob surely did not merit any of these blessings. God is extremely generous, pouring one blessing after another. This is a great lesson: God does not give ‘cheap, perishable’ gifts!


What is Jacob’s reaction to God’s self-revelation?

Jacob fears God. He worships God. He does not want to forget the dream, so he pours some oil on that rock calling it Bethel (in Hebrew it means the House of God). The remembrance of this dream will be his strength and wisdom in the future. He makes a commitment to serve God and to sacrifice financially (to pay his tithe). This is a man that has nothing. All he has is the clothes on his back. But the seed of faith was planted in his heart. God has spoken and God shall be His strength, His wisdom and life wherever he will go. I am sure you know the end of the story” God is faithful to His promises. Jacob went to Haran single and poor and afraid. He comes back married, with children, extremely wealthy and a respected man of God.  Indeed, God’s dreams do come true!

The ladder Jacob saw is our Lord Jesus Christ. He connects us with heaven. By His death, we have free access to God. The angels serve us as the heir of salvation. Like Jacob, make a vow to serve God with all your heart, all your strength and even sacrifice financially.

Today, give thanks to God, for revealing Himself thru Christ unto the saving your soul!

It is time to give thanks!


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