I just received this letter from a family friend in the US. He has never been to Nigeria but he follows the progress of our church. His words confirm the presence of God in our midst and the message of today. The Spirit is One! Read and be blessed!


“Dear Lia,

I have enjoyed watching what God and your people have done in Warri, Nigeria. I give glory to God for your new building… I give glory to God for what I read about your services…You can’t teach passion on a chalkboard. You can’t buy anointing. Your church Father’s House has it. When God excites you more than the world, He fills you up. A young guy asked me recently how I stayed so fired up at 63 for God’s Glory. I told him when you’ve seen what I have I don’t know how you could be any other way.


When you see people crowding famous people for autographs, it has been my model towards God. When God shows up reach for Him! Grab His hem… Don’t let Him go until He blesses you!


I have been in empty buildings where God has showed up days before and I felt my knees shake as a warm blanket of His Glory covered me. I love it and expect that is the norm in your building or so it will be.  I expect people to experience God walking through the door if not at the parking lot.


So many people don’t ever understand the corporate anointing. But it’s so exciting. I don’t say this to people because I don’t want to compare my experience in a competitive or earned manner… but I am sensitive to God’s Glory. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t but to me, it’s very humbling. I think He gives it to those that press closer to Him…May He autograph your hearts…God bless you all!

Love from us,

  1. P.”

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