“May you see your children’s children!” (Ps 128:6)

This is a very personal testimony. I could not have shared it with you, but it gives glory to God and that is all that matters. When our youngest daughter Jemine was born, we were in the middle of a terrible crisis. We moved from Benin to Warri and started a private hospital in partnership with a much older colleague. That business collapsed and we lost all our money. When she was born we could not afford to buy fancy baby things; only the basic stuff (survival kit). I remembered that I wept looking at our beautiful baby wrapped in old bed sheets. I was not born again, so I could not really pray…but I made a silent wish in my heart… that the story of this baby girl I hold in my arms shall be different than mine…that when she will be a mother, she will have all she needs for her baby…

More than thirty years have passed since then. By the grace of God her father and I we became saved. We started praying for our family. O, how things have changed… Jemine is now happily married to Matthew. They are expecting their first baby. Jemine told me that her friends and colleagues in the office have organized two ‘baby showers’. The gifts received are more than enough to take care of the baby. There was an overflow of love and generosity that only God could have ‘organized’.

This evening I remembered my tears as a young mother and the wish made to ‘a star’…God over-ruled the star…My God is Jehovah Jireh. He is the One who supplied all that is needed, and so much more…

Baby Oakes, you are blessed!

To God be all the glory!


One comment on “PRAISE REPORT

  1. loriloganvance says:

    Amen! A beautiful testimony. Thank you for sharing!

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