“But I have this against you: that you tolerate that woman Jezebel…” (Rev 2:20)

Our women’s fellowship this evening was very good but not the way I planned it to be. I prepared my message and was very excited to share with them. Five sisters shared their testimonies. Two of them recently had been delivered from spiritual attacks cause by the evil spirit of Jezebel. By the mouth of two witnesses, every truth is established. I knew that I have to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit. I decided ‘on the spot’ to expose the religious spirit of Jezebel and that we should do warfare against it. This was ‘an old’ topic we have studied long ago. But the Holy Spirit made it to sound new and gave me the utterance to preach God’s Word. We combined prayer with praise, worship with intercession. We made prophetic declarations: “I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord!”  The Holy Spirit was totally in charge and the service was flowing ‘like the oil’. I am so blessed even as I write this letter to you all! May you feel and tap from the ‘hot anointing’ released this evening in Father’s House!


Below are some points from the (unprepared) exhortation:

*Stop tolerating Jezebel! To tolerate it means to stay passive, to permit misbehavior without confrontation. Do not allow your children to misbehave! Pray for wisdom, love, patience and strength to be a godly mother to them!

*Submit to God and resist the devil! We did both!

*The effects of Jezebel are seen in the attack on Elijah (1Kg 19). This man of God was bold yesterday and had a great victory. He killed 850 false prophets. Now a woman (Jezebel) threatens him with death and he runs away from his place of ministry. These are some of the effects: Fear, intimidation, loneliness, tiredness, confusion, lack of sleep, depression, suicide thoughts, a desire to resign from his office (job, ministry) and self-pity.

*Other effects of Jezebel spirit are sexual immorality, homosexuality and lust

*Chronic sicknesses that defy ‘regular’ prayers or medical treatment, bareness,

*Imbalanced marriages (one partner is too strong and the other too weak), divorce,

*Financial Imbalance: For example, you want to buy a car. It costs 200, 000 naira. You easily gather 180,000 but the last 20,000 will be impossible for you ‘to rise’. The money will be stuck at that level and you shall not be able to buy the car. After that, you start losing even the money you have gathered. With all your efforts and prayers, you are not able to finish family projects. It makes you feel like a failure, tired, frustrated and angry.


We then prayed as a congregation. We also prayed two by two. We proclaimed the power of the name of Jesus! We proclaimed the power of the Blood of Jesus! We praised God until He ‘came down’. We invited the Presence of the Person of God the Holy Spirit! Some of the women manifested the spirit. Some got delivered. Some got healed. All were blessed. We ended with a call to be filled with the Holy Spirit and with thanksgiving to God.


In Christ I declare:

I am a child of God!

I am a woman of God!

I refuse to tolerate the evil spirit of Jezebel! She is a liar and I refuse to listen to lies!

I love the truth that sets me free!

I resist the Jezebel spirit and it must flee from me!

I destroy every spell of Jezebel over my body, soul, spirit, marriage, family, ministry and all that belongs to me!

I destroy every evil covenant done against my life and destiny!

I declare that I am healed, delivered and free!

Jesus my Lord has opened a door of peace, joy, prosperity, happy marriage, fruitfulness and ministry! No man or demon can shut it!

Jesus is Lord!

All glory to God!

In Jesus name



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