Joseph was a man who knew both love and hatred. Envy kills. The brothers hated Joseph unto death: because his father loved him more, for his coat, for his words and for his dreams. Joseph was sent by the father to visit his brothers and to give them provisions. They decided to kill ‘the dreamer’. Later they saw ‘no profit’ in a dead man and chose to sell him. This is how Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers. This betrayal happen at a place called Dothan (Gen 37:17). The name means ‘Two wells (of blessings)’ Later it became the city of Elisha (2Kg 6:13). It was here that Elisha told his fearful servant to look around and see the angels, the armies of the Lord. But on the day when Joseph was betrayed and sold, the angels kept quiet…


Joseph is a type of Christ. Both were betrayed and sold for money by their own people. Jesus proclaimed the truth that He is the Son of God. But truth was crucified on Golgotha Hill. Can truth live again? Can God’s dream be fulfilled? Can the prophecy of long ago ever come to pass? Indeed, all prophesy is fulfilled in Christ Jesus, our Lord!

“He shall see the travail of His soul and be satisfied…He shall see His descendants…I will give Him a portion among the great…” (Is 53:10, 11)


Joseph was loved by his father and hated by his brothers. He knew the sweet comfort of true love. He also discovered the painful reality of jealousy, hatred and evil. This was a life lived in the extremes. It was not Joseph’s fault that his father loved him more than the rest. Also, it was not his fault that God gave him wonderful dreams. The brothers hated him and were jealous on him. They made up their mind that they will never bow down to their younger brother. They decided that Joseph will never be their boss. That is they wanted him dead, so that his dreams will die with him.

Joseph was now a slave in Egypt. Without his coat, dressed in rags, he becomes a slave to men. In Potiphar’s house his other coat was stolen too. He went to prison dressed as a prisoner. Can his dreams ever be fulfilled?  Time will tell…


Evil had its way for a time. But ‘love never fails’ (1Cor 13: 8). At last, all things worked together for good for Joseph, for he was called by God and he loved God (Rom 8:28). He interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh and was promoted to the position of Prime Minister of Egypt.

Lessons: When Joseph told his brothers about his dreams they understood them right away. That is why they hated him. But Pharaoh needed an interpreter.

When God gives the unbelievers dreams, they need a believer to interpret them. But when God gives a believer dreams, these are very clear. They come with their interpretations. If you always look for someone to interpret your dreams, it may be that you are not born again! Selah!

Finally Joseph told his brothers that God was with him in his life’s journey! God changed the evil for good!

“You thought evil against me: but God turned it into good, that He might exalt me, as at present you see, and might save many people” (Gen 50:20; Douay-Rheims Bible)

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