“You are altogether beautiful, My love;

there is no flaw in you” (SS 4:7)


I heard a whisper this morning… Coming on the breezes of another place… My Lover speaks and I hear Him clearly… I was going to the kitchen when I heard His voice…I stop half way down the stairs…Me, ‘altogether beautiful?’ What shall I do with these words? For so long my heart was full of the opposite; damaged by men who said I am plain, or even ugly…who shall I now believe? Whose words are true? What words should I permit to settle in my heart? I was told to be careful, that lies are sweeter than truth…but Truth to me this morning is sweeter than the honey comb…


’No flaw in me’… Is He serious? Is He talking to me? All these years I used heavy make-up to hide my pimples and now my wrinkles…What do I do with these words of love? When I was young I so wanted men to praise my looks…I was disappointed…The ones who said I am pretty (never beautiful) lied to me to gain my body…The ones who said I am ugly, laughed at my pain… So many years of silent struggles, accepting what I have, learning not to compare myself with others…I forgot about the power of love…Me beautiful? Is this a joke? Does God joke? What if it is true?


I am still waiting on the stairs…shall I go up or down…But then He speaks again, the same words…This time His strong arms embrace me…He seals His words with His touch…with His kiss… my heart beats faster…my body trembles… I hold the railings… suddenly peace that passes all my understanding fills my heart…I lift up my head…I smile…and yes, I am foolish enough to believe! What do I lose if I believe my Lover? Only my doubts… Anyway, there are no people around, only the angels who take a break from their busy work…


Love eternal has spoken…Lover boasts of what only Lover can do…This is the sweet truth: Jesus Christ my Lord has washed me from all stains of sin, lies, mockery and shame…He shed His Blood to make me free and fair…no more guilt, no more pains,  no more ugliness…what a miracle…what a wonder…


Back to earth…I go down to the kitchen: I make a cup of coffee; I sit down and drink it slowly…Yes, Today is the day My Lover has made, I already rejoice, I am already glad in it… Glory!

Hidden in Christ I now boldly declare: “I am altogether beautiful.. there is no flaw in me!”

“Oh, My Wonderful Lord… Your grace is now my ‘make-up’… Your Joy is now my strength…Your Glory is now my hope…”



  1. loriloganvance says:

    This is an anointed and powerful word. I am my Lover’s and He is mine! In Him and because of Him, I am altogether beautiful…there are no flaws in me! Amen!

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