“But I have this against you: that you tolerate that woman Jezebel…” (Rev 2:20)

The women fellowship was good. We had some spiritual opposition at the beginning. Both generators refused to start so we had no power. This is not the first time something like this happened. I carried my little torch light and decided that even in darkness we shall seek God. We praised God for His goodness, for His grace and protection from January to December. . We shared testimonies and then the Word of God came. We prayed according to the Word. We did warfare against the evil spirit of Jezebel. We shall surely see results. No doubt about it!

We studied the effects of the spirit of Jezebel upon the servants of God. Please note that Jezebel is an evil spirit. It has no gender. Men and women are affected by it. We are commanded to stop tolerating Jezebel. This is our Lord’s command. To tolerate it means to endure, to bear something, to stay passive, to permit misbehavior without hindrance or confrontation. Our Lord commands us to stop doing that. Do not make it easy for this demon to abide in your home or church! We are to identify, to confront and reject this evil spirit that has produced a stronghold in your life. Pray that your eyes be open to see the truth! Pray that your ears be open to hear what the Spirit says to the churches and to you in particular!

We shall look at how Elijah was attacked by the spirit of Jezebel and his reaction to it (1Kg 19). We shall learn precious lessons from this encounter. Elijah had a great triumph on Mount Carmel. He was standing alone confronting 850 false prophets who served Jezebel. Their gods refused to answer. This is because the God of Israel hindered their performance. Then Elijah prayed to Jehovah. Fire came down and consumed the sacrifice. The people of God who were backsliding at that time bowed down in worship declaring that Jehovah is God! At the encouragement of Elijah, they killed all the false prophets. The victory was complete and Elijah was established as a true prophet and servant of God. The following day ‘Ahab told Jezebel everything that Elijah has done…’ This is a lie. The truth is that Ahab purposely avoided telling his wife about the success story of Elijah as a man of God. He did not tell her how Elijah was bold and stood alone; how he prayed and how God miraculously answered him by fire. He did not give glory to God for the event on Mount Carmel. He only told his wife that her prophets are dead.
two people are husband and wife. Ahab manipulates his wife’s emotions. He knows her weakness and foolishness. He knows that she is over-emotional; that she will react with passion to kill. But Ahab wants Elijah dead. He hopes his wife will do the ‘dirty and dangerous job’ killing a prophet of God. He knows the word of God that forbids harming the servants of Jehovah and in particular His prophets (Ps 105:15). But Ahab does not care if his wife dies in the process so long she can kill ‘the trouble-maker of Israel’. Observe that Ahab does not cover his wife spiritually; therefore he is a bad husband and she is foolish too.

Lesson: The evil spirit of Jezebel tries to destroy your marriage and all other relationships thru lies and manipulations. The marriage remains imbalanced. The husband does not tell his wife the truth and he does not completely trust her. The same goes for the wife. What is the solution? Make up your mind to always speak the truth in love. Then trust God for the consequences. In this way you shall shut the door to the devil and your marriage shall heal and even proper.

In Christ I declare:
I am a child of God! I am filled with the Holy Spirit! I am a woman of God! I am a servant of God!
I refuse to tolerate the evil spirit of Jezebel! She is a liar and I refuse to listen to lies!
I love the truth that sets me free!
I speak the truth in love!
My marriage is blessed!
To the glory of God!
In Jesus name


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