“And it came to pass after these things, that his master’s wife cast her eyes upon Joseph; and she said, Lie with me.

But he refused…” (Gen 39:7, 8)

The story of Joseph is well known. The lessons gleaned from it are numberless. Read again the encounter between Joseph and the Potiphar’s wife. In it we shall find the source of Joseph’s wisdom and strength to withstand the attack from the seducing wicked spirit of Jezebel. The promise given by our Lord is this: anyone who, like Joseph, overcomes the spirit of Jezebel shall receive authority over the nations (Rev 2:26-29). This promise was fulfilled in the life of Joseph. He refused to lay down with Mrs. Potiphar and so he became the prime minister of Egypt, the greatest nation at that time. He was not a politician and he was not a citizen of Egypt. He did not even go to the academy of political science or management. He was a prisoner, a slave, convicted of a crime that could have given him the death penalty. But these are the credentials he had: Jehovah was always with him and surrounded him with mercy and favor. The presence of God was with him! That is his secret!


Joseph became qualified for that high position of authority by defeating Jezebel in her own home. How did he do it? Here he was, a young man, a prince and an heir in his own father’s domain. Circumstances led him to a strange land, among people of strange languages and customs. His present master is fair and wise. He discovers the potential and the gifts resident in Joseph. He takes a big risk by trusting a slave he bought with his own money. But he could not resist Joseph’s quiet, humble spirit and transparent character. Potiphar was attracted by the anointing in Joseph, by the royal seal of a true child of God.


But when all things look good, without any premonition the roaring lion attacks. The mistress, Potiphar’s wife, takes notice of Joseph. But what she sees is very different from what her husband saw. She suddenly observes that this slave is young and handsome, probably the opposite of her husband’s looks. She possibly tries to tempt him with new hair styles and fashion of the royal court. But Joseph was too busy serving his master to notice any change in his mistress’ wardrobe. Frustrated at the lack of response from this household slave, like a hunter, she attacks directly: ‘Come to bed with me…’- she said. For a moment we do not know what could have happened. Most young men in his position could have accepted the proposal. The idea is that it will be a secret romance and no one will know. Joseph has no reputation to maintain for he is already a slave. The natural instinct of a young man, a teenager, was to go ahead with the proposal. But the next three words are so different than all we could have imagined, so much the opposite of things we know as ordinary human beings living in a world of sin…

In awe we read: ‘But he refused!’

Lesson 1: There is a direct connection between your sexual life and authority over the nations! Selah!

Lesson 2: God’s grace is sufficient for all situations! No devil can defeat the man who lives in the center of God’s will!

Lesson 3: you have no excuse to fall to the seducing spirits of Jezebel! If Joseph could stay pure, you can also do it!


In Christ I declare:

I totally refuse and reject any connection with the evil spirit of Jezebel!

I flee sexual immorality!

I keep myself pure, body soul and spirit!

By the grace of God!

I am Christ’s ambassador to the nations!

To the glory of God!

In Jesus name


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