“Wisdom will save you also from the adulterous woman, from the wayward woman with her seductive words” (PV 2:16)

It was not Joseph’s choice to be in the place of temptation. He is not like the foolish youth who ‘lacks judgment’, who in the evening goes down the street, towards the place where prostitutes sell their bodies. That street goes downwards to hell. Many mighty men have perished in its spirals of sin (PV 7). As for Joseph, it was not his choice to live in Egypt, in the house of the powerful Potiphar with his seducing wife. He did not go there by his own free will. He was betrayed and sold as a slave by his own brothers. Potiphar liked him and bought him with money. Joseph could have been like any slave, no freedom, no future and no joy. But in the house of his master he proved to be a unique man of character, faithful, humble and wise. He had success in all things. Potiphar gave him total responsibility over the entire household.


Joseph was not yet a free man when he was promoted to the highest position any slave could have. After many lonely nights of silent tears, he finally came to a place of relative comfort and peace. This can be a very dangerous time if you ignore the command to always watch and pray. Immediately after the promotion, Jezebel attacks! Apparently Joseph was prepared for it. When the wayward woman came to seduce him, he was ready to withstand the temptation. His faith in God gave him wisdom much above his years. The wisdom of the world is not a match for the wisdom that comes from above. It is wisdom that saves you from sexual sin. You do not need to protect your genitals. You need to protect your mind with the peace of Jesus that passes all human understanding.

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you…And the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus” (Is 26:3; Phil 4:7)

Joseph surely had ‘a steadfast guarded mind’ which is able to trust God in all things. In Hebrew the word ‘steadfast’ means to lean upon another of greater strength, to bear up under trials, to rest when need be, to stand fast against attacks, to be established in the grace of God and to be able to encourage others by its choices and actions. How do you know an overcomer? One sure way is that person is a truly generous encourager to others who need help.


The most important lesson is this: it is very possible to overcome sexual sins!!! This is the truth! Do not believe the lie that it is natural to fornicate. The unbelievers accept defeat even before the attack. They do not believe that God has provided a way of escape for them in the mist of trials. In the wild, most animals do not fight back when the lion attacks them. His size and roar paralyzes them and they faint with fear. That is how unbelievers behave. But Joseph was not intimidated or manipulated by Jezebel. His spirit, mind and body were at peace with God and with himself. Wisdom will save you from adultery. Fools end up in the bed of the stranger, paying the price for sex with their health and honor. God forbid! Peace and wisdom are twins. Covet both. Pay the price for both. Study the Word of God and pray always! Desire victory for the sake of Christ and He will grant it to you!


My testimony: Just like you all, I am a sinner saved by grace. I am a human being like you. By the grace of God I was able to kill sexual lust in my flesh. The devil has no place in me. I am filled with the Holy Spirit which kills in me any desire to sin. The same Spirit makes me to love Jesus and to desire to be like Him. When attacked by Jezebel, I am able to remain calm and strong against her wicked offers. That is the power of the Cross of Christ actively working in me. The Cross is not just a doctrine but an experience of life, a spiritual victory and testimony to share with other. Because she knows that I reject her sexual offers, Jezebel attacks me with sickness or trouble. I prefer that! At least the war is in the open, not under the shadows of seduction and deception. My marriage is under the Blood of Christ and on the Rock of Christ. My husband and I do not lust after one another. Lust is our enemy, not a friend. We truly love each other with the overflow of the love of God. Peace and joy surround our marriage. That is why we are so strong and happy. This is the holy secret of our successful marriage. To God be all the glory!

4 comments on “VICTORY IS POSSIBLE!

  1. Lori says:

    God continues to amaze me with your devotionals. Always speaks to me. I have been standing for my marriage for two years now. My husband left home almost 5 months ago. He’s mentioned divorce, but I stand on my faith and on Gods promises. You once told me about your marriage and I am grateful to hear of Gods miracles. I know it’s in Gods timing not mine. Sometimes i just get tired and frustrated. And start to doubt and fear. I was left to pick up the pieces with our two sons who have had their breakdowns but pray with such boldness. We are growing in Christ as we wait for Gods prodigal to come back home. In the mean time we’ve expetienced this Jezebel spirit. I’ve been trying so hard to break and cast out. So when I received this devotional, it came at the right time. I will be fasting with y’all in January. I thank you for your servants heart and your faithfulness to our Lord Jesus Christ.
    God bless you

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Dear Lori, the devil only attacks when he knows there is glory ahead. You are a child of God. Your life cannot be an ordinary life, so do not compare yourself with the unbelievers. Your husband may say what he wants to say. His life is in God’s hands not his. God has the last say in all human affairs. That is why staying on God’s side is the safest and the best. The trials shall become testimonies. Then you shall strengthen others who have similar problems with you. Reject doubt, confusion and fear. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. You are a work in progress. There is no doubt that if you fast and pray this January, you will not be the same. We declare victory in your home in Jesus name! Amen!

      • Lori says:

        Mrs Sylvia,
        I so needed to hear more encouragement. The devil is getting more aggressive but my God is greater. My husband gave me a waver of service so he can serve me divorce papers himself. My chest feels like someone’s drilling nails and my head is about to explode. I took the papers to a friend of mine who is a notary and she read thru them as I cried and she said you can’t sign these because it states that you are agreeing to whatever’s in the divorce document. I told her I haven’t seen it she says you’re under oath and you need to see those papers before you sign this. He wants a quick divorce and I get stuck with bills and all. But for me, it’s not about the material but about my husband. I refuse to give up. I need to call him tomorrow and give him the news. So I’ll be fasting and praying from midnight tonight till 7am. I need Gods guidance and direction among other things. I don’t know these legal terms and to be honest I don’t want to learn them but I know I’m going to have to prepare. Gods always on time and I’m still trusting in Him. I can’t wait to get started with all of y’all in January. I’ve been sharing your ministry with many more. God definitely speaks thru you. You are in my prayers.
        Many blessings, Lori

      • Silvia Leigh says:

        Dear Lori, you do not need to be a lawyer when the Judge of the earth is your Father. The Holy Spirit is your Comforter and Advocate (personal lawyer). The victory is yours! God can never fail! As you trust God you shall not be disappointed! Do not feel like a victim for you are a victor! God shall direct your paths! Take only one day at a time! Do not worry about tomorrow for each day has enough evil to handle! I also started my fast today. I continue to pray for you! I surely expect a wonderful testimony from you for our God can never fail! Happy New Year!

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