“I will be the same until your old age, and I will bear you up when you turn gray. I have made you, and I will carry you; I will bear and save you.” (Is 46:4)

This is a great testimony proving once more that God loves all people, especially the elderly. I am so happy for that! About a week ago I had a desire to buy some audio Bibles and give them as gifts to older people, most of them blind or too weak to go to church. (I have one in my kitchen and I listen to it when I cook. If you ask me…yes, the food is tastier when the anointing is greater).

There is this man called Papa S. Three of his sons are faithful members and workers in our church for many years. I never met him until recently. What I knew about him is that his wife became born again when he was not. She went to a village to do missionary work, came back and died a sudden death. She was only 52 years old. Her passing shocked him. He was left with ten children to take care of. Slowly, he started going to church. After six years of being a widower he married ‘a good woman’ from his church.


Thru his son, I sent him an audio Bible and invited him to come to Jesus Mega Party. This afternoon he came to our house, grateful for the unexpected gift. He thanked us for taking care of his sons. Then I asked him about his spiritual standing. He could not convince me that he is saved. He was just religious. He said that his primary desire is that his children to be successful in life and good Christians so that they can take care of him in his old age when he cannot work anymore. I said: “Papa S, this is a good thing you said. But I know of something better, the best of all”. He said he wants to know what is better than that. I told him that he should remove his trust from his children and place his life totally in the hands of Jesus. Let Jesus be his Savior, Lord, Lawyer, Doctor, Provider and Best Friend forever. I said that he should live his life like the birds…”of the air” (he concluded for me).

Gently, I lead him to Christ. He prayed from his heart. The Holy Spirit was there to witness, empower and seal ‘the sinner’s prayer’. Then I told him to use his remaining days on earth to preach the Gospel of Christ to all human beings he meets, young or old, religious or not. I told him that God pays His preachers. He was excited to hear that. He promised to do so. He also promised to come in the evening with his wife at Jesus Mega Party.


At last, he was ready to go home. Then he suddenly became shy, telling me that tomorrow, 1st of January 2015 is his birthday. He will be 75 years old. I had no idea how old he is or when was his birthday. Suddenly he became emotional again realizing that God loves him, that He gave him the best birthday gift ever, salvation for his soul and the Word of God. I too was touched… O, sweet Holy Spirit… Because of the Blood of Jesus shed on the Cross, a simple man became a saint, just like that… After many trials and tears, Jacob was declared Israel, Prince with God! From now on, Papa S shall be called “Israel”…Like Job, his later years shall be better than his youth. To the glory of God!


This is my last entry for 2014. It has been a very fruitful year, more than I could have imagined. God bless you my children, readers and friends. I am already excited for 2015! Your future is better than your past! The sufferings you have experienced cannot compare with the glory that shall be revealed!  Happy New Year!

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