“Then food was set before him, but he said, “I will not eat until I have told you what I have to say.”

“Then tell us,” Laban said” (Gen 24:33)


Eliezer was the most senior and faithful servant of Abraham. The old patriarch sent him on a very important mission. He was to go to Abraham’s home town and find a wife for Isaac from among his relatives. He was under an oath to faithfully obey all his master’s commands. The Canaanite girls who lived around were excluded from marrying the son of promise.

Eliezer was a man of God. His name means “God is his help’. Reading this story, we shall learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit, how to depend on God as our Helper to have a successful life journey. The lessons here are of great help especially to them who plan to get married. Eliezer prayed and feasted for holy success. The following are the lessons we too may apply in our circumstances, as we pray to know and obey the will of God:



Abraham prayed for Eliezer and for the success of the journey. His faith in God gave him confidence that Eliezer will not go alone. The angel of the Lord of heaven shall go before him to lead him in the right way (v 7).

The angel of the Lord is with them who fear him…..


Eliezer also prayed for success. Accompanied by servants and followed by ten camels loaded with provisions, he started this long journey. Faith without works is dead. After you fast and pray, be ready to physically move on!


Moving on that road, Eliezer arrived at the edge of a town. He stopped by the well. He had practical information about the people and cultures and wisely he applies it. He knew that every evening the women come here to draw water. He prays again. He tells God what he wants, of a secret code of identifying ‘his target’. At his request, the young woman will be willing to give him water. Then without being asked, she will volunteer to do the hard work of watering his camels. Her actions will prove that she is humble, friendly, hardworking and extremely generous.


‘Before finished praying Rebekah came out with her jar on her shoulder’ (v 15). She easily passed the test. God proved to be faithful and more than generous. He added extra blessings: Rebekah is beautiful and also a virgin.

This is a great lesson: if you trust in the Lord with all your heart, He will direct your path (PV 3:5, 6). If you are on the right road, led by the Spirit, your prayers will be answered faster than you imagine. This spiritual acceleration is a sign that you are getting closer to your breakthrough. Extra blessings will be added, more than you imagine or have prayed for. “Before they call, I will answer! While they are still speaking, I will hear!” (Is 65:24)


As Rebekah was watering his camels, Eliezer became quiet. This is a holy moment. He was praying silently in the Spirit. Most of us we will be too excited at the nearness of success and become foolish and talkative. Not so with Eliezer. “Without saying a word, the man watched her closely to learn whether or not the Lord had made his journey successful” (V 21). His close watch was not that of lust, but to see if this girl is the same with the one he saw in the Spirit. No mistake, no deception is permitted! All pieces must come together by the power of the Spirit!

If God has given you a personal word of prophecy, a vision or a revelation, no matter how long it takes, it shall ‘certainly come to pass’. The mistake many make is to go on a journey without God and His Word. This is a common mistake especially in choosing a marriage partner. “The vision awaits for an appointed time. It shall speak at last. It shall not lie. Though it linger, wait for it. It will certainly come and will not delay” (Hab 2:3).


Once God confirmed to Eliezer that his journey was successful, ‘he bowed down and worshipped the Lord’ (v26). In all things, good or bad, in all situations, worship God, your Creator!


Eliezer was tired and hungry. He has been fasting for success. But he refused to eat or rest until his testimony convinces Rebekah’s family that this is God’s man and God’s work.

Your daily growing testimony of your walk with God should be the only letter of introduction you’ll ever need. The Holy Spirit seals the name of Jesus on your heart. Your words and the sound of your voice will have the fragrance of Christ Crucified and resurrected. God’s approval on you is enough to impress any man, anywhere. You shall have favor with men, even strangers, wherever you go.


At such a short notice, Rebekah agrees to go with Eliezer to marry Isaac. She is also a woman of faith and destiny, entering the blessed line from which Christ shall come. She goes away with her family’s prophetic blessings. She will be fruitful. She will be strong and courageous, defeating all her enemies. Her descendants shall be worshippers of God, shining like stars on the sky.

Finally, your marriage partner may be close by or may be far away. Trust God to make the right connection at the right time. Your marriage and your children will be holy, romantic, strong, happy and successful! To the glory of God! In Jesus name, Amen!



  1. Lori says:

    As I started the year with you all fasting and praying I felt great. Then last week on Sunday I start feeling physically ill. My left side was heavy and my left eye drooped. I was still determined to continue Monday and Tuesday morning. I ended up at the Drs office Tuesday around 11am because the severe headaches on my left side were getting to be too much. I was getting distracted in my prayer time. Well the dr put me in the hospital. I was released already but I had another mini stroke. TIA which they call. I’ve had to eat to drink my meds and now I feel like I’ve failed because of this. I had to share because I need advise as to how to continue to be a part of this wonderful experience. As yall know my husband left me about 5months ago and I’ve been standing on Gods word. I wasn’t only fasting and praying for our marriage off course but I feel like the enemy pulled out a big trick out of his hat to stop me and I’m not ready to give up. Now I’m being told by my pastor (whom I work with) that he’s thinking of retiring me because of my health condition. Everything’s looking down hill and I refuse to accept this I just need guidance. I’ve laid everything at the foot of the cross and I’m trusting in my Savior. If yall have any suggestions I would so be grateful. I am still praying for this ministry and each and everyone of yall. For Nigeria. I love yall and I’m blessed to be a part of this ministry even though I’m not there in the physical.
    God bless yall.

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Dear Lori,
      I hope you are better now. Put your trust in the Lord, not in men (husband, pastor and all). Only God never disappoints. No need to feel guilty about breaking the fast. This guilt is from the devil. Reject that accusation! When you join a race, some are faster and some are slower. We do not compete with one another. Just keep your eyes on Jesus and press on to finish the race. It may take longer than expected but do it anyhow! It is better to try to do good and fail than never try to do good at all! You are a child of God! Fear not! God has not finished with you. Arise and shine for your light has come! Get up now!
      “The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked!” (PV 24:16)
      Love in Christ alone,

  2. tuoyoanderson says:

    Trusting the Lord for His very best, not giving up, but holding on to my God and Creator .

  3. Ky Ni says:

    Hi Miss Lori,
    woke up down this morning and decided to start a three days fast, begging the Lord to forgive me for not paying my tithe and praying regularly. I am barely passing in nursing school and this is not normal because I have never struggled with education in my life.
    My prayer is that God will restore my success and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I will excellet in school and all my endeavors.

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Dear Ny Ni, I join my faith with yours. This is a good thing, to repent for not honoring God with your tithe. Obedience in the area of finances releases the promised abundance and stops the mouth of the Devourer. You need to be filled with the Holy Spirit to be able to pray without ceasing. I join my faith with yours in prayer, that God will grant you a new beginning in your walk with Him. I pray that God will give you a clean heart and a willing spirit, that you may be able to serve Him better in the future. May your heart be revived! May the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit fill your heart! May the wisdom of God be your portion! May your dreams come true! May there be a holy acceleration in your testimony! To the glory of God! In Jesus name, amen!”

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