“Then food was set before him, but he said, “I will not eat until I have told you what I have to say.”

“Then tell us,” Laban said” (Gen 24:33)


Eliezer was the most senior and faithful servant of Abraham. The old patriarch sent him on a very important mission. He was to go to Abraham’s home town and find a wife for Isaac from among his relatives. He was under an oath to faithfully obey all his master’s commands. The Canaanite girls who lived around were excluded from marrying the son of promise.

Eliezer was a man of God. His name means “God is his help’. Reading this story, we shall learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit, how to depend on God as our Helper to have a successful life journey. The lessons here are of great help especially to them who plan to get married. Eliezer prayed and feasted for holy success. The following are the lessons we too may apply in our circumstances, as we pray to know and obey the will of God:



Abraham prayed for Eliezer and for the success of the journey. His faith in God gave him confidence that Eliezer will not go alone. The angel of the Lord of heaven shall go before him to lead him in the right way (v 7).

The angel of the Lord is with them who fear him…..


Eliezer also prayed for success. Accompanied by servants and followed by ten camels loaded with provisions, he started this long journey. Faith without works is dead. After you fast and pray, be ready to physically move on!


Moving on that road, Eliezer arrived at the edge of a town. He stopped by the well. He had practical information about the people and cultures and wisely he applies it. He knew that every evening the women come here to draw water. He prays again. He tells God what he wants, of a secret code of identifying ‘his target’. At his request, the young woman will be willing to give him water. Then without being asked, she will volunteer to do the hard work of watering his camels. Her actions will prove that she is humble, friendly, hardworking and extremely generous.


‘Before finished praying Rebekah came out with her jar on her shoulder’ (v 15). She easily passed the test. God proved to be faithful and more than generous. He added extra blessings: Rebekah is beautiful and also a virgin.

This is a great lesson: if you trust in the Lord with all your heart, He will direct your path (PV 3:5, 6). If you are on the right road, led by the Spirit, your prayers will be answered faster than you imagine. This spiritual acceleration is a sign that you are getting closer to your breakthrough. Extra blessings will be added, more than you imagine or have prayed for. “Before they call, I will answer! While they are still speaking, I will hear!” (Is 65:24)


As Rebekah was watering his camels, Eliezer became quiet. This is a holy moment. He was praying silently in the Spirit. Most of us we will be too excited at the nearness of success and become foolish and talkative. Not so with Eliezer. “Without saying a word, the man watched her closely to learn whether or not the Lord had made his journey successful” (V 21). His close watch was not that of lust, but to see if this girl is the same with the one he saw in the Spirit. No mistake, no deception is permitted! All pieces must come together by the power of the Spirit!

If God has given you a personal word of prophecy, a vision or a revelation, no matter how long it takes, it shall ‘certainly come to pass’. The mistake many make is to go on a journey without God and His Word. This is a common mistake especially in choosing a marriage partner. “The vision awaits for an appointed time. It shall speak at last. It shall not lie. Though it linger, wait for it. It will certainly come and will not delay” (Hab 2:3).


Once God confirmed to Eliezer that his journey was successful, ‘he bowed down and worshipped the Lord’ (v26). In all things, good or bad, in all situations, worship God, your Creator!


Eliezer was tired and hungry. He has been fasting for success. But he refused to eat or rest until his testimony convinces Rebekah’s family that this is God’s man and God’s work.

Your daily growing testimony of your walk with God should be the only letter of introduction you’ll ever need. The Holy Spirit seals the name of Jesus on your heart. Your words and the sound of your voice will have the fragrance of Christ Crucified and resurrected. God’s approval on you is enough to impress any man, anywhere. You shall have favor with men, even strangers, wherever you go.


At such a short notice, Rebekah agrees to go with Eliezer to marry Isaac. She is also a woman of faith and destiny, entering the blessed line from which Christ shall come. She goes away with her family’s prophetic blessings. She will be fruitful. She will be strong and courageous, defeating all her enemies. Her descendants shall be worshippers of God, shining like stars on the sky.

Finally, your marriage partner may be close by or may be far away. Trust God to make the right connection at the right time. Your marriage and your children will be holy, romantic, strong, happy and successful! To the glory of God! In Jesus name, Amen!




“For if you eat the bread or drink the cup unworthily, not discerning the body of Christ, you are eating and drinking God’s judgment upon yourself. That is why many of you are weak and sick and some have even died. But if we examine ourselves, we will not be examined by God and judged in this way. But when we are judged and disciplined by the Lord, we will not be condemned with the world” (1Cor 11:29-31)


Today we had a wonderful Holy Communion service. We do it once a month. Many people attend our church just because they were touched by God during the Holy Communion services. This is always power released by the Holy Spirit as a sign that Jesus is alive and that Jesus is Lord! The evil spirit of religion has corrupted many churches. Their Holy Communion services make no impact at all. It is just a routine regular gathering. There is no supernatural power, no miracles, no healing and no deliverance. The truth is that there is power in the name of Jesus, especially when we come at His table! “Oh, the Blood of Jesus…”


Apostle Paul gives instructions concerning the protocol at the Lord’s Table. The first Christians obeyed the Lord’s command and took the Holy Communion in remembrance of Him. But there was need for correction. The greatest mistake they did was to come to the Lord’s Table with a carnal mind and a careless attitude. It was their practice to gather and eat together just for fellowship. From time to time, they had a meal, a love feast, to celebrate their salvation and to bless the poor. The general atmosphere was joyful, friendly and relaxed. But when they came to the Lord’s Table their attitude had to change. There was need for a sober, spiritual and discerning mind that will ignite a grateful heart. There was danger of taking the Holy Communion in an ‘unworthy’ manner. Ignoring this warning produced serious effects: weakness, sickness and even untimely death.


What are the lessons we should learn as we come to the Lord’s Table today?

The first one is that the Holy Communion is not an ordinary meal. It should not be taken just as food for the belly, just to satisfy the natural hunger. It has a deep spiritual meaning and it is our duty to discover it. The Holy Communion is more like taking the medicines prescribed by the doctor; it is not ‘a take away’ from the restaurant. You see that your attitude should be different.

Secondly, there is this warning about taking the Communion in ‘an unworthy manner’. This warning is connected with the capacity to discern the Body of Christ. Simply said, if we properly discern the Body of Christ, we should take the Holy Communion and we shall be blessed, healed and delivered. If we are unable to discern the Body of Christ, we should not take the Holy Communion, for fear of grieving the Holy Spirit and the negative effects that follow.


What then does it mean to ‘discern the Body of Christ’?

To ‘discern’ it means to see behind the surface of things; to see with spiritual eyes what lies behind the visible; to understand the mind of God about things. It means to have the mind of Christ. It also means to be totally free from deception and lies. It means to have prophetic eyes to see what God sees and to judge things by the Holy Spirit. In Greek the word ‘discern’ means to examine, discriminate and judge correctly; to separate the parts, place them in the proper position so that there is no confusion. For example, the Word of God penetrates the natural mind; it is a discerner of the thoughts and attitudes of men (Heb 4:12). This is another example: The spiritual man understands the things of the Spirit. But the natural man does not understand them, for these are spiritual discerned. There is a gift of the Holy Spirit called ‘the discerning of spirits’. That gift enables the believer to see in the Spirit realm and to clearly identify the evil spirits behind the visible realm (1Cor 2:14; 12:10).

So this is the danger: taking the Holy Communion without spiritually discerning the Body of Christ. The warning is against the religious unbelievers primarily. The Holy Communion is like a lie detector that can never fail.


What do we know about the Body of Christ? What can we discern about it?

In Greek the word ‘body’ means something completely whole, no parts missing. This word is similar with the word ‘sozo’ which means salvation, healing, deliverance and protection. The lesson is that person who is a member of the Body of Christ is saved. The believer can also be healed, delivered, protected from enemies and made whole. No unbeliever has these privileges. Do you see that? Do you understand that? Do you discern that?

When we take the Holy Communion, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we remember and discern the things that happen to our Lord’s Body at Calvary. Before Jesus died, they insulted and mocked Him. But immediately He died, God did not allow anybody to harm or wound His Body. With the eyes of the Spirit we see His body hanging on the Cross. Death has done its worst. We then see how gently they took His body down. The believers at the foot of the Cross lovingly wrapped His body in a cloth. they carried the body to the Tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. He asked Pilate to give him the body of Christ for a proper burial in his own newly built tomb. We discern and feel how our Lord’s Body was left in that tomb. After three days, Jesus rose form the death with a new spiritual Body that none can ever destroy. With this spiritual Body He is able to pass thru the walls and to comfort His people. We also understand and discern the power of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit by which the believers in Christ become a part of His Body. Our Lord is the Head of the Body and His life flows to all the members. The parts are many. The gifts are many. But the Body is one! We discern, we understand that wonderful miracle and privilege!


We gratitude in our hearts, humbled by these revelations, bowing in worship, we come to the Lord’s Table and remember Him.

We are healed and delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit! Thank You Lord Jesus!

May the anointing released in today service touch you too wherever you are!

“There is power, power wonder-working power

In the Blood of the Lamb…”



I was at the church site today. A boy of about eight was brought in. He was dressed in a school uniform, blue and white with a yellow school bag. He looked afraid and confused. He said that he had missed his way. His school had closed at 2 pm. His house is close by. He was supposed to go straight home. He has gone that road every day for the past one year. But today, mysteriously, he went into the opposite direction and trekked for two hours. His school was near PTI area and he was found at Enerrhen Junction, a distance of more than three miles. He only remembered his name: Peculiar. He forgot his mum’s phone number, his dad’s place of work and their home address.

On his uniform shirt there was a tag with the name of his school. One of the brethren working at the site said he knows where that school is. We gave Peculiar biscuits and water. Two of the brethren and our Mopol (police man) went with him to the school. The parents were looking for him, desperate already. It was a very happy reunion. They were surprised that he did not remember any information. They said that the boy knows all the phone numbers of the family members.

Only God knows what has happened to him. It may be that Peculiar was under a spell of witchcraft. That is why he did not remember anything and he was willing to follow any instruction from strangers. He got lost and the story could have ended badly. There are many wicked people in this world. If any person is wicked enough to place spells on children, the wrath of God is upon that one! Any witch that desires evil against our children shall have no peace until he (she) repents of sin and publicly renounce it!

This is what Jesus says:

“Anyone who welcomes one child like this for My sake is welcoming Me. But if anyone leads astray one of these little children who believe in Me he would be better off thrown into the depths of the sea with a mill-stone hung round his neck!” (Mt 18:5, 6)

Thank God that the Holy Spirit directed this little boy to our church and that we could find his family!

Parents pray daily for your children!

We plead the Blood of Jesus over our children!

In Jesus name, amen!