“Wisdom will save you also from the adulterous woman, from the wayward woman with her seductive words, who has left the partner of her youth and ignored the covenant she made before God. Surely her house leads down to death and her paths to the spirits of the dead. None who go to her return or attain the paths of life.

Thus you will walk in the ways of the good and keep to the paths of the righteous. For the upright will live in the land and the blameless will remain in it; but the wicked will be cut off from the land, and the unfaithful will be torn from it” (PV 2:16-22)



Wisdom is the skill to apply the Word of God in practical living. This godly wisdom is a shield. It surrounds and protects you from evil people. In particular, it defends you from the adulterous women who are influenced by the evil spirit of Jezebel. Wisdom is your source of deliverance. A wise man will find the way of escape from the snares of sin. This strange woman is a religious unbeliever. She is called strange because her spirit is from the realm of the dead. She is erratic in behavior, unpredictable in her ways. She has a tendency to be wayward and rebellious, to walk in paths of trouble.  She does not obey the Word of God. She professes Christ but has another law in her heart. She sings to ‘Jesus’ but she dances by the beat of another drum. Men who love strange wonderful things are attracted by her luxury and pleasure seeking. Men, who commit adultery with them, who fall prey to these women, will hate their wives, thinking they are too plain. To them, humility becomes boring and holiness, old fashioned. They forget that the strange woman is a messenger of death, taking their souls to hell.


This woman ‘has left the partner of her youth’. She has resigned her duty to true love. By definition Jezebel is a traitor. Pursuing her selfish ambitions, she kills her only true friend. She has forsaken the hope of her only pure love. Her strength is rooted in deception. She is a talkative person. She talks a lot; sweet words. She is a mistress in the unholy art of flattery.  She pours praises on you with the intent to seduce you. Her words are chosen, binding chains around your heart. She quickly becomes needed, a friend trying to help. Each visit, each greeting, each compliment is designed to build a cage around your soul.  Study the direction of her feet. Her house is down in the valley. Going down the hill is so easy. She descends to her comfort zone dragging you along with her. This ‘going down’ may seem like humility but it is the road towards the cemetery. She ‘planted’ colorful, attractive, but artificial flowers along the way. You may smell their sweet, but artificial perfume. This ‘romantic’ background is designed to hide the stench of decomposing corpses at the end of the road.


In Christ I declare:

I am a child of God!

Christ is my righteousness and my wisdom!

I reject any evil spirit of Jezebel, seduction, foolishness, witchcraft and untimely death!

I destroy any covenant made on my behalf with the ‘boa snake-spirit’, ‘Ogbanje’ and ‘Mammy-water’ spirit!

I reject any covenant made with the spirit wife or spirit husband!

My steps are ordered by the Lord!

Led by the Spirit I am going higher, on the mountain of God! I will never go down to the valley of death!

I am not lead by what I see! I walk by faith in the Son of God, led by His Spirit!

I plead the blood of Jesus over myself and family!

It is well with my soul!

To God be all the glory!
In Jesus name



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