“My son…. Keep my commands and you will live…Why, my son, be intoxicated with another man’s wife? Why embrace the bosom of a wayward woman?” (PV 5:20; 7:1)

If you feel uncomfortable reading about sexual sins it means you need help. Do not suffer in silence! Ask Help from God! Sexual sin is a terribly expensive pleasure. This is the truth revealed in the Bible: If you are a child of God, a true believer in Christ and you commit sin, you will not lose your salvation. Because of the sacrifice of Jesus and His Blood shed on the Cross, your soul is saved eternally. But if you fall into sin there are many blessings you shall lose. Sin is sin but there is a difference between an unconverted sinner and a redeemed sinner. According to the Bible, a man is either a saint or a sinner.  A Christian does not continue, does not abide in sin for a life time. Sooner or later he will feel bad, repent and come back to His Father. A saved man may fall into sin, may backslide for a while but in his heart he hates sin and desires to repent. But an unbeliever, just like a pig lying in the mud, lives in sin continuously without the fear of God. Are you saved?


What do you lose if as a Christian, you commit sexual sins?

*Your honor, dignity and reputation; your beauty, anointing and your glorious testimony as a child of God.

*Your time; you waste opportunities to serve God; your ministry will be seriously damaged

*Your wealth; you lose the ability to be wise, to make money, to be fruitful, strong and prosperous.

*Your health; you lose your strength, sleep and appetite for food

*Your fellowship with God the Holy Spirit, the joy and assurance of your salvation


If you believe that for every act of fornication the devil will charge you one million dollars, will you still do it? But the truth is that the devil wants more than your money. He wants your soul, your peace and joy!

Lesson! Sexual sins and the love of money are still the basic tools the devil is using to make Christians fall.  Watch and pray! Stay close to God! Be satisfied with the gift of God. Be jealous about your testimony as a servant of God. Covetous, ungrateful, prodigal and rebellious people become foolish and reckless. They end in adultery and waste their lives. This is a wise question God is asking you:  “Why, my son, be intoxicated with another man’s wife? Why embrace the bosom of a wayward woman?” If you want to be ‘intoxicated’ then be filled with the Holy Spirit! That is a clean pleasure with no side effects, shame or regrets! Be drunk with the Spirit and you shall be free!

“And don’t get drunk with wine, which leads to reckless actions, but be filled by the Spirit” (Eph 5:18)


My testimony…

Long ago I prayed that the Holy Spirit will destroy the center of sexual lust and covetousness in my flesh. God answered my prayer! The Cross worked its deep final work in my flesh! It was painful but very effective. My heart became holy. I am still praying that God will perfect His work in me. But I really feel clean and free. I am able to connect with all human beings without the interference of lust or covetousness. The devil has really failed in my heart. This victory is possible! Pray and trust God for the best He has for you! I made a covenant with God that by His grace and power I will never love or desire anything that He has not given to me as a gift. It is the same advice I give to my children.  I always pray to love the things God loves and to hate sin like He does!


“Dear Heavenly Father, please grant us the desire to live according to Your Word and to be like Jesus! In Jesus name, Amen! All glory to You alone!”

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