The Prayer meeting was again very good. These days I just prepare the sermon and pray.I give ample room to God to do what He wants to do. The holy adventure makes my heart tremble with excitement. I feel like I am the pastor and also the congregation. I am not in charge. The Holy Spirit is in charge. Thank God! The brethren shared testimonies. A brother who plays the keyboard in our church for almost 20 years bought a land to build his first house. God provided all the money in bulk just thru a supply business he received thru a phone call. Yes, we shall have testimonies of encounters with Jehovah Jireh. More to come…We praised God and then the message came…

The Roman Catholic introduced the idea that wealth and pleasure is sinful. Many believed this doctrine and became monks. They gave up their earthy possessions and made covenants of celibacy and poverty. On the other extreme, the world ‘preaches’ materialism. The truth is that wealth is not sinful but it can be potentially dangerous for the soul. We need the Holy Spirit to navigate in these troubled waters to arrive at the Truth! Holy Spirit come!

The parable of the shrewd servant (Luke 16) is not easy to understand. Many get confused by reading it. Jesus intended it for His disciples but the Pharisees were listening too. On the surface, it seems that our Lord praises a deceitful man. But this is not what He says. Thru this story, our Lord tells us to be wise with our temporary resources on earth and to use them to gain spiritual eternal gains. Wealth, resources (money) can be used in three ways: Spend it; save it or invest it. This is divine wisdom for us the believers. Pray that the Holy Spirit helps you to understand!

This is a story about investments. A rich man had a steward who was in charge of his goods. The word ‘steward’ means a house manager, a treasurer, a servant who is in charge of his master finances. His master’s check book is with him. He buys provisions for the home and deals with the master’s clients. It is a position of trust. He was possibly a former slave who was set free and now he works for his master

One day the rich man hears that his manager was wasteful with his property. This word ‘waste’ is the same as with the prodigal son. He calls him to give an account for his job is terminated. Immediately the steward thinks of a plan so that he can benefit even in the absence of his job. He knows that his present situation is terrible. But he can do something so that his future is secure. He calls his master’s debtors and he reduces the amount they owe to the master. It seems like his master was a whole sale trader and many people buy from him to sell retail. The steward blesses these men by reducing their debt. He knows that they will be grateful and will remain his friends for life. Favor is repaid with favor. He cheats his master to gain favor with men. He knows that he can end homeless. He cannot ask his master for a good recommendation so that he can have another job like this. He cannot do hard labor. He is too ashamed to beg in the streets. By blessing his master’s debtors, he secures for himself a place to stay in the future, a home, a family and the fellowship of friends.

Why does Jesus commend this deceitful man? Not because he was cheating his master. But because he uses what he got at the present to invest in a better future. Jesus said that this man was shrewd. He knew that he has a limited time to use the master’s resources. The wealth and position will eventually ‘fail’ him. He could have wasted his few hours at the office in weeping for his loss, or begging to stay. Even in the crisis he did not give up. He found a plan to gain something for the future. He sponsored his future dreams. He invested in his hope.

Jesus says that we should invest wisely. In the world, investment is defined as spending or devoting money for future advantages. Having this in mind, men open savings accounts in the banks. They also buy shares in good companies so that later the interest will be added to their capital. In the world, there is always a risk when investing, for the value of money or the shares may fall. The only safe place to invest your life, your money, your dreams and all is in the Kingdom of God!!! Selah!!! This is the prophecy given by Isaiah and fulfilled in Christ:

“For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given;
And the government will be upon His shoulder.
And His name will be called
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Of the increase of His government and peace
There will be no end” (Isaiah 9)

The only place to invest where there is no risk is in the Kingdom of heaven. Its Government authority, its peace and prosperity shall know no end. This is because of its eternal ‘increase’. In Hebrew, the word ‘increase’ it means interest on capital, the greatest part of a whole. This ‘increase’ shall have ‘no end’. It means that the interest on your capital is limitless. No man or demon can cut it off. The word ‘government’ means an empire, a royal kingdom, a monarchy that will always prevail. The word translated ‘peace’ is shalom. It means perfection, safety from enemies, good health, prosperity, favor and friendships.

For example, when I place 100 naira in the offering basket, having faith that it is God’s, this is a deposit in my heavenly account. The interest on the money shall increase forever. Until Jesus comes all my descendants shall benefit from it. ‘The Bank’ called the Kingdom of heaven will never lose capital or interest. My deposits shall be fruitful and increase forever. I say that it pays to serve the Lord! Does this sound too strange for you to believe? But as for me and my household, we believe God’s Word and we serve the Lord! Can I hear a loud AMEN?

In Christ I declare:
Jesus is my Savior, Lord and the Owner of my Bank!
I invest in the Kingdom of God!
My interest on capital will increase v forever!
God said it! I believe it! It settles it!
To the glory of God!
In Jesus name

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