“Be not deceived: evil companions corrupt good character” (1Cor 15:33)
I heard a story. There was a man who had a beautiful bird, a canary in a cage. Each day the bird was singing wonderful songs of praise to God. The man loved his bird. One day he thought that the canary was too lonely and decided to hang the cage on a tree in the garden. Many sparrows came around the cage to ‘talk’ to the canary. Some months later he brought his bird to the house. To his surprise the canary could not sing again. It could only say: ‘tweet…tweet…’ just like the simple sparrows. He has lost his wonderful gift of singing and learned to behave like an ordinary bird.

This story is a warning. You can be deceived in the midst of friends. If you are a child of God, make friends with other believers or stay alone until God provides companions for you. Loneliness may be painful but it is necessary to maintain your focus, passion, anointing and gifts. If you have to choose between the presence of God and friends, always chose God!
“Take the world and give me Jesus…”

In Christ I declare:
I am a child of God!
I chose God!
In Jesus name


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