“The band and chorus united as one to praise and thank the Lord; their selections were interspersed with trumpet obbligatos, the clashing of cymbals, and the loud playing of other musical instruments—all praising and thanking the Lord. Their theme was “He is so good! His loving-kindness lasts forever!”
And at that moment the glory of the Lord, coming as a bright cloud, filled the Temple so that the priests could not continue their work” (2Chr 5:13, 14; LB)

This was Sister U’s testimony: Last year she almost got married. A young man she met thru fb proposed to her. They fixed a date and plans were on the way. They were to marry last November in our church. One day her fiancée’s friend called her and said: ‘I am sorry for you. I see that you are a child of God. My friend who wants to marry you is deceiving you. He is a liar and a cheat. He is a jobless man and a fake. U did not believe at the beginning. Later she discovered the painful truth. The young man who wanted to marry her was a deceiver. She broke the relationship. For months after that she was seriously depressed. She looked sad and old. But she continued to do her work in the church (she is an usher and she cleans the toilets). For ten years she worked in the market. This is so that she can pay her school fees. She comes from a broken poor home. Two years ago she graduated from the College of Education with a bachelor degree in Education. But she got so used to selling in the market that she could not resign that work. She was afraid to stand and trust God for a new beginning. Eventually she resigned on the last day of last year.
In the month of January she decided to fast and pray every day, for an encounter with God. On the 5th day the miracle happened. She was holding her CV in her hands, knelt down in the church’ toilet and she prayed and cried to God. After that, she stood up and by faith she went to a big private school to look a job as a teacher. She had no experience and she knew nobody. The first person she met was a woman she had never met before. This woman was the owner of the school. The interview was done on the spot. The principal asked her some questions and she answered. When God is in charge no interview is ‘normal’. The discussion went like this…
“Are you looking for a job? Yes Ma! Do you have experience as a teacher? No Ma! Are you born again? Yes Ma! Do you speak in tongues? Yes Ma! What church do you attend? Father’s House Bible Church Ma! Are you from Father’s House where Dr. Leigh is the pastor? Yes Ma! Wonderful! I love this man’s preaching on the TV…I saw the Nativity Drama…I made a covenant with God that if anybody comes here from Father’s House I will hire the person, no matter the qualification…you are hired my dear…Just thank your God!”
I have never seen U so happy. She was glowing with the glory of God. The old depression has disappeared. We prophesied that she will marry 2015. This word is settled in heaven and on earth! In Jesus name, amen!

The prayer meeting was indeed wonderful. We shared testimonies about the goodness and the power of God. The testimonies (like tehone above) only added fuel to the fire. Then, we praised God with all our strength and with all our heart. The anointing was so strong that people could not sit down on their seats. We could not have a regular, business as usual service. O, how I love it when the Holy Ghost comes down. The very atmosphere is charged with the glory of the eternal. Faith increases like never before. Nothing and nobody looks the same. Ugly people look beautiful! Foolish people look so wise! The praise went on and on… the adults sang…the children sang… the congregation sang and danced… In the God’s presence there are eternal indescribable holy pleasures…Yes, God was happy with us tonight! All the glory to the Most High God!

In Christ I declare:
I am a child of God!
My testimony shall be fruitful!
To the glory of God!
In Jesus name


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