“For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality” (1Thess 4:3)

Our church is increasing with wonderful people. Recently a young man came to see me. He and his fiancée are new members of Father’s House. They want to marry in our church May or June. He met his wife-to-be abroad, were both of them went to medical school. They are both born again and Spirit filled. They both attended a good church over there and were actively involved in youth ministry. When they knew that God’s will for them is to marry, they informed their pastor over there. He prayed with them and counseled them to honor God and each other by staying sexually pure. They agreed. They also told him that once they finish school and they will go back to Nigeria.


They are now in Warri. They are both young medical doctors. They were led to come to Father’s House. They have peace that this is their church from now on. He confirmed to me that they made a pledge to each other in the presence of God to stay sexually pure. He came to say that on behalf of his fiancée and himself, they want to ‘officially’ submit to the leadership of our church. They do not ask for any recognition or titles. They just want to ‘plug into’ the flow of the Spirit here. They are so happy to come to Father’s House. We give God all the glory for their testimony and lives! God will never leave Himself without a holy remnant of grace!


Please pray for them. We need more shining lights, more living signs to point to Jesus! In a world were purity is so rare to find, where true passion in marriage is almost a lost ideal, the young people in our midst need our prayers, counsel and encouragement. ‘Overcome evil with good!’ (Rom 12:21). We need more good examples and testimonies like these! This is also a reminder of the power of a strong foundation. There is power in a godly testimony. There is great reward for the pastors of good living churches. God bless their former pastor in Russia!


As for you dear young brethren, we gladly, welcome you in our midst. Continue to shine for Jesus! God bless you!


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