“Therefore take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore” (Eph 6:13, 14)

In Greek the word ‘stand’ means to abide, to continue, to be established, to stand up and to stand still. The same word translated ‘resist’ appears in this scripture:  ‘Resist the devil and he will flee from you’ (Jam ).

To stand is a soldier attitude, a battlefield command. To stand your ground means not only to occupy a place but fight to defend that position of victory. It means to be strong and courageous not only in winning but in guarding and preserving your crown. It means to perform your duty to the end, waiting for the Lord of Hosts to come and take over your responsibility. When you successfully stand in faith, you shall encounter the Lord of Hosts. He shall greet you with these wonderful words of life: ‘Well done good and faithful servant! Enter the joy of your Lord!’

You need to stand ‘tall’; to be strong and calm in the face of adversity. You need to believe in God who helps you to stand. This is an active exercise of spiritual warfare. Just the way the trees die standing, so the true champions ‘stand therefore’. The opposite of standing means to fall, to fail, to faint, to be weak, to be spiritually passive, to be a coward, to compromise, to submit to the enemy and to lose the crown. If you do not stand in faith, you become a traitor to your Commander. In the name of Jesus, I forbid all these!

David faced Goliath, a young man, standing alone in the battlefield. Older brothers, uncles, soldiers and generals could not stand and take the challenge to fight for Jehovah. The king was hiding in his richly decorated tent of shame. David had no human encouragement or helper. His armor was his faith in God. His experience as a boy shepherd in the forgotten bush was his only recommendation for the post of the new leader in Israel. He was too young to become a regular soldier, so in his invisible application he went straight for the coveted position of an eternal champion. His destiny was written in the dusty valley of Elah, to be an inspiration for people of all ages and forever. So the stars shine…

Dear Child of God, you are a servant and a soldier of Christ. After you have done everything God has told you to do, you still cannot lie down. You cannot take a break. You cannot drop your armor. Your back may ache, your feet may hurt, your arms may tremble with tiredness, and still, you cannot lie down. You need to stand on your two feet, waiting for your crown. Your Lord has promised to ‘come quickly’. You cannot relax for now. You cannot dis-engage. You cannot afford to become passive. There is a particular moment when you shall know in your spirit that, beyond any shadow of doubt, you have done everything that was expected. You have passed the test. You have endured to the end. You have walked alongside your oppressor that extra mile, and even more than that. God, who gives you breath and who measures the number of your steps, He knows you have done your best. You have labored and ministered and prayed without complain. This has been a long road…You have finished your task and normally, it should be a time to rest… I know…and yet, no rest! For the standing continues!

Men without visions, cowards without dreams, exiled kings without crowns, these may be lazy, may lie down, for that is all they’ve done. They have nothing to lose for they’ve lost everything of value. But we are not losers! Not me and not you! We need to establish the gain and the territory. The devil is persistent. He hates your standing. He waits even for the eleventh hour to come and steal your joy, your crown. Resist him in faith! Do not be tired to do the right thing! Do not fret, fear, doubt or shake! Watch, stand and defeat the plans of your enemy. Disappoint the foe! Defend your position of victory! God is on your side! Your reward is already decreed.  Your crown has been newly polished. The angels happily anticipate your coronation. Be supernaturally strong! Jesus is Lord!

Stand therefore…STAND!!!


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