A sister came with a heavy heart. She has some marital challenges. My counsel was not an easy one. Truth is a sword. But she received the words with humility and faith. We prayed that she will have a wonderful testimony. This is her letter after reading “The wind died down”.

“Dear Malia,
I just read your post on Facebook “The wind died down”. All I can say is waoh.
May God (Jehovah) be continually enthroned in our lives! He has stayed my heart and I am still for He is God over the floods… I returned home yesterday enveloped by God’s presence, I had a smile in my heart. I wasn’t alone, The Lord of Host has gone ahead in the battle, won it and given me the victory… yet He stands by me assuring me, filling my heart with love for my husband…
At night, in the silence, my heart felt troubled but The Lord was near. “Be still” I heard… An owl shrilled, quite differently from the sounds I thought I knew, I was startled, but Encouragement filled me like light bursting through. It was fleeing. Light has come and darkness runs to hide. My Father is a Man of war… “Be still”..
As I write this words, I feel like I need to lie down and sleep but I will not.. I don’t feel like laughing but I sense laughter in my spirit so I’ll laugh… I’ll lift up my voice and sing for the battle is the Lord’s.
In Christ i declare, Mercy shall prevail over judgment continually in my home and marriage.. As God’s will unfolds (goodness and mercy) His grace shall be sufficient for us to bring glory and honor to His name. In Jesus name!

Thank you Malia…God’s strength in your life shall not wane… You shall go from glory to glory with God… Humble yet with boldness, you shall continue to declare God’s truth.. God’s delight shall be in you even as you are found lost in Him. Tali is blessed, your home and family is blessed. Continually, you shall be satisfied early with the dew of heaven. In Jesus name. Amen
Your daughter…”

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