A brother who attends our church for some years sent me this note. He is a believer, in his thirties, educated and a hardworking man. But he is not spiritually stable. He easily gives up on any project. It has been like that over the years, in his school, relationships and jobs. His life could have been much better. He is not married. He still lives in a very small poor ‘ghetto’ room. His explanation for this lack of prosperity is that he is ‘a village boy’ and that Warri city was a great temptation for him. That is why he is so distracted and restless. I told him that in Christ all things are new and he should start living out his faith.
We prayed deliverance and counseled him but there was no change over the years. As pastors, we needed perseverance and supernatural love. God provided that. Finally, the sun shines on this brother and overcomes his darkness. This is his story: Last year he got a good job as a store keeper in a big company. He was so happy. But after few months he fell down from a ladder at his working place and he broke his leg. He was in cast for months. This January he went back to work. His testimony is that against all odds, he kept his job for one whole year. To many, this may not be a great story. But to him it is. We too are encouraged. He gives all the glory to God who helps all His children, even the weak and the slow.

“Praise GOD, praise GOD… Malia, today marks it a complete working full year for me with…. This is the first time in my life that I can say that I have worked for a complete one year. Despite the shakings and massive dropping of workers, despite the injury and all temptations…yet this same JESUS, my Savior and my Lord has kept me still. “Lord, I thank YOU!” Let all the glory be unto HIM alone!!! Amen”

“in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1Thess 5:18)


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