“On arriving there, they gathered the church together and reported all that God had done through them and how he had opened a door of faith to the Gentiles” (Ac 14:27)

We went to a bank yesterday. Each morning we always pray that the Holy Spirit will direct our path and give us favor with people. It means that each person we talk too during the day is chosen by God to hear the sound of our voices, no matter the subject. Indirectly the listener shall hear and receive wisdom, peace, faith, joy and hope, by the Holy Spirit.

They directed us to see one of the ‘personal bankers’, an Asian man. He said that I have been qualified to have a better credit card with greater advantages. Then he went out of his way to help us apply for it. He even asked to send it over-night at no cost at all. Then he asked me some ‘secret questions for banking privacy’. One of them was this: ‘who is your favorite historical character?’ Of course my answer was ‘Jesus Christ’. No shaking! In Warri, Houston and all over this earth, my answer is the same! I was so happy I could call my Savior’s name in a sterile bank office in Houston, where all men only whisper when they talk!

(Just in case you are worried about my lack of privacy, to publicly say on Facebook my secret answer… have peace…for even in my dreams, I shall publicly declare that my ‘favorite Person in history’ is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ)

At last, the man was done with my application. We were ready to go. Suddenly I sensed an open door of faith. I felt the lead of the Spirit to ‘invest destiny’ in this man, a potential brother in Christ. I grabbed the opportunity given by the Holy Spirit and boldly passed thru this ‘open door of faith to the Gentiles’. I asked him if we can pray for him, what are his needs or desires (in America you always need to ask if you can pray, for many people say no). In a hushed voice he said ‘good health’. I said ‘that it too little, add more, for we shall apply directly to Jehovah Jireh, our Banker, who can do all things’. He was so surprised… Then Tali asked him: ‘are you married?’ He said no. Immediately, we held his hands above the cold glass table. No time to waste… Before the devil came back from break, we prayed for him. We asked God to grant him the revelation of his Savior and also good health, good marriage, promotion in the office and financial breakthrough. He then whispered: ‘is this request not too much?’ We confidently said ‘no’. Then he said what we said: ‘amen’. So sweet…

We do not know if he was a religious man or not when he left his house in the morning. But after that prayer, he was surely a different man. Tali asked him what will he do if God answers this prayer. He simply said ‘I will be grateful’. We said that is a good answer, for now. This man filled my form for a better credit with his bank. We helped him fill his application form with our Bank in Heaven. This man does not know yet, but he touched ‘gold’ this morning. I can see his future happy in Christ. This was a good transaction for us all. I am happy! The day has started well. To God be all the glory! Amen!

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